Friday, May 28, 2010

Already Looking Forward to May 2011

I'm fortunate enough to be able to work on various task all year associated with the next it's often in the forefront of my mind.

Constant Memories
Yes, when I negotiate the contract for the next retreat, or answer an e-mail question from someone who wants to be notified of upcoming events, or search on-line for the next new thing to put into the guys' give-away bags, it never fails to bring back incredibly fond memories of the guys and the retreat.

I'm very lucky indeed.

Show & Tell
One of the few traditions that I think is common with all the Men's Knitting Retreats and we have now done for the last 3 years, is to let the guys get up in front of the group and show off their creativity and skills.

I have to admit, that this year's Show & Tell pieces were exceptional, even if my photography doesn't show it too well.  And the photos go on and on and on...if I didn't post  your Show & Tell, it was only because I either didn't get a photo of it, or my photography made you look awful!

Alan's oops...John's Lace

Chad's Herbivore

Chad's WIP

Chris' Pullover

Chuck's Henry and Doubleknit Scarves

Chuck's Zippered Cardigan

Craig's Mitered Scarf

Craig's Cardigan

Craig's Fair Isle hat

Dave's Hoodie - Uncovered

Dave's Hoodie - Covered

Dave's Blocked Lace Wrap

Dave's Ass...uh Lace

Jon's Sweater sleeve (color cable)

Jon's Dog Sweater

John's Pullover

Kenny's Fair Isle Vest

Kenny's Fair Isle Vest - Reverse

Kenny's Sample Lace Stole

Kirk's Pullover

Kirk's Baby Surprise

Kyle's Noro Pullover

Kyle's Noro Pullover cleverly stolen by John B.

MMario's Lace Designs!!!

Matthew's Fair Isle Cardigan

Matthew's Lace

Michael's Pullover

Ray's 3 sweaters on professional models :)

Kenny, Kyle, Chuck and John's "Socks Appeal" strip tease!

Ted's Hand-Spindled-Knitted Shawl (looks INCREDIBLE in person)

Todd's current WIP

Todd's Pullover

Vince's Scarf

Current Knitting
I got some additional work done on the Newland socks by Marlowe Crawford.

I've opted to complete the cuffs on both socks before turning the heels and finishing the foot of the socks. Mostly, since the pattern was fresh in my mind, I figured it would be easier to bang out the second cuff before taking on the heel and foot and toe.

I'm enjoying the knitting and the look of the socks quite a bit so far.

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