Monday, April 05, 2010

Sorry To Have Gone Missing

It's hard enough to squeeze in a blog entry when my week is crazy and not on an ordinary schedule, but it's even harder when you have no knitting to blog about.

I Like Routine
As someone that does project-related work, you'd think that I'd adapt more easily to changes in my routine and schedule, but that's not been the case.

I finished up a 3-year project a couple of weeks ago, and now as I await my next assignment, my days are filled with last-minute requests to help out on presentations, instant messages from co-workers, spontaneous trips into the Philadelphia office, etc., etc. Nothing is scheduled or routine, and that makes it very difficult to fit in both knitting and blogging about said knitting.

I'll try to be better.

Thanks to all the folks that wrote, worried about what had happened to me last week.

Current Knitting
I finally got back to work on the Zaire pullover.

You'd think it would have gone even faster, given that the front an back are now being worked separately, but alas, I only got three additional squares layered onto the garment in the last week.

But I'm liking how this is looking more and more

Birthday Celebrating
This past Easter Sunday was also my 51st birthday. Part of the celebration including eating Thaddeus' baked goods...he makes an amazing batter bread which I could easily eat for the rest of my life, but I also got birthday pie.

Thaddeus made his famous cherry pie, and it was just sublime. I can't think of any better way of celebrating the aging process than eating awesome cherry pie.

Readers' Comments/Questions
Regarding the Zaire, Seanna Lee asks, "Are you going to do a couple of rows of the diamonds (squares, what have you) and then go back to a solid color, or do you think you are going to keep the square motif all the way up?"

Since I'm unfamiliar with the shaping of the arm holes and the neck, and I don't want to have to re-invent them, I'm going to follow Ms. Isager's pattern, and do mitered squares all the way up (on both the front and the back).

Marty asks, "BTW did you see the video of Bush and Clinton in Haiti? After shaking hand with Haitians, Bush wiped his hand on Clinton's sleeve."

Yes, I actually thought it was quite funny. It gave me the distinct impression that Bush thought he had that kind of relationship with Clinton, but Clinton didn't think the same thing. Here's the YouTube video for those that didn't see it.

Back to the Zaire pullover, Kerry asks, "Joe, that green at the base of your sweater is lovely. What brand is it?"

It's actually an ancient Shetland yarn from Jamieson yarns that I bought when I used to work at the old Tomato Factory yarn store in Lambertville, NJ. The owner had big heads of Shetland jumper weight yarn that I could buy in lieu of getting paid to work there. It was a no-brainer, but I have no idea what the color is, or whether they still make it.

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