Thursday, March 11, 2010

Hating On The Media Again Jihad Jane really a terrorist threat who has been hiding in our very neighborhoods, warning us that terrorism can be found around every corner?

Sounds A Bit Paranoid To Me
Colleen LaRose, aka Jihad Jane is a crazy person, who happened to think it was a good idea to convert to Islam, and then support the "long-suffering Muslim people" by going on a European drive-by to kill the cartoonist who drew a picture of Muhammad with the body of a dog.

I think the long-suffering Muslims would have done a lot better if the media had decided to focus on the millions of sane followers of Islam, who follow the words of the Prophet Muhammad with respect and reverence, rather than trying to incite fear and paranoia by giving credence to a nut case.

Just saying.

Current Knitting
I had little time to start a new project, so when I left for the week, I jammed the Kid Alpaca blanket into my knitting project bag and decided I would bang away at that during the week.

This is the blanket on a king-size bed, so that you can get a little perspective on the size of it at this point.

Still have quite a bit of work on it.

Current Spinning
I was able to both ply up some of the singles I've been spindling on one of Ed Lingenfelter's drop spindles, and also spindle up some more singles.

Eventually, I may have enough lace weight yarn to make a small handkerchief.

Readers' Comments/Questions
Concerning the Noro Himaraya scarf, Joey Johnson writes, "Gorgeous scarf....... how mcuh yarn did it take?"

It took a little over 2 balls of Himaraya yarn, or about 250 yards of worsted weight yarn.

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