Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Can't Even Hear The Message

Have you ever worked in a company where the vitriol was so high that when a very valuable employee decided to leave because they couldn't take the sniping, instead of mourning the loss, the snipers reveled in it?

Americans Are Losing a Great Man
With the decision to not run for re-election Evan Bayh has made an extremely important statement. He feels he can do more good in the private sector than he can as a senior senator of the United States.

Do people not understand...he's saying the system is SO broken, that even as a senior member of our senate, and even though he's considered a centrist (even by Indiana conservative viewpoints), that he is hamstrung in his ability to do any good for this country.

That's pathetic...and what's more pathetic, is that the news stories about this, are only talking about how this will affect the balance of republicans and democrats in the next election...the media is pathetic as well. They should be sending out a warning far and wide that something needs to be done to fix the system. Not trying to predict the outcome of a future election.

Democrats and republicans alike should be very concerned about this. While it obviously bodes well for republicans in the upcoming election, it doesn't get this country to where it needs to be, because a republican in that same seat will be equally, or probably more, ineffectual in getting the country back on it's feet.

The defeat of pragmatism by competitive nastiness in this country makes me very glad I don't have children to pass this mess onto.

People need to wake up and stop focusing on their selfish personal needs and realize why they're really electing officials.

Current Knitting
I'm onto another WIP, trying to cross as many off my list as possible.

Remember the Shetland Gossamer lace I started back in November?

I've picked it back up and started making some headway.

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