Monday, January 11, 2010

May Means Men Knitting

Yes, the THIRD annual Men's Spring Knitting Retreat is raging forward as I type.

Registration Open
I know most of the guys who read this blog also participate on Ravelry or MenWhoKnit, and so they are already aware of the opening of registration for the 2010 event in May. But for those of you who haven't heard about it, you can check it out here.

I was talking with Ted this past weekend about some of the particulars of the event, and we both expressed amazement at how these events have filled a desire that we had no idea even existed.

Anyone that's read any sharing of guy-knitters, have probably heard at least one of two stories:
1. A man walks into a yarn store, a knitting group or a knitting event and is treated rudely, like a thief or completely ignorant of knitting despite talking about the craft with details that would only be known by an experienced knitter, or;

2. A man walks into a yarn store, a knitting group or a knitting event and is revered and fawned over because he's a man.
The retreats offer a rare space where all are equals, and the result seems to be that guys are able to just kick back and enjoy their knitting.

At least that's my take on the retreats.

Current Knitting
I was able to finish the second Mini-Mochi scarf and all I can say is that if you've never used this yarn, you should at least check it out in your local yarn store. In addition to being beautiful, it is soft and warm...a truly delightful yarn.

I do still need to weave in the two ends, but that takes but a couple of minutes...and didn't stop me from wearing the new scarf to work today!

Readers' Comments/Questions
Maureen writes, "What is your favorite Kaffe book? I assume you own or have at least perused most/ all of them. One of my other resolutions was to try some colorwork (most likely a Fair Isle sweater, but I haven't decided yet) in 2010. I am under the impression that most of his designs are intarsia, not Fair Isle, but I may be wrong."

First of all, most of Kaffe's colorwork is intarsia, so you're correct about for favorite books, that's a bit more difficult. It's probably not a book at all, but an old Rowan pamphlet with Kaffe's designs for about a half dozen sweaters. I'm certain all of the designs in it are published in various other publications, but I think I used this pamphlet to make my first Kaffe sweater, and it's always been a favorite. I couldn't find it in my stash of stuff, nor could I find an image link on google for it...I'll have to do some more searching. was right in my Ravelry Library all along!:

vgwatson writes, "I can't tell you how much I love your mini mochi scarves.

Do you find the yarn splitty? I've heard complaints about that. Although I know that depends on the knitter/needles/mood/time of the year/etc."

Thanks...I quite love it too. As for splitty, I've heard that before, but it's not my experience at all. The only complaint I have about it is that the loftiness of the yarn makes it a little delicate to rip out lots of knitting. But I wouldn't forfeit the amazing soft/warmth of the yarn to make up for that.

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