Monday, January 25, 2010

Lies Beat Truth

I've decided that telling lies to the voters of this country (and many others) seems to be more effective in getting someone elected than telling the truth. So today, I will debunk a report of lies and start telling lies that promote a more progressive agenda in this country.

America Is Less Economically Free Than Canada
Yes, the Heritage Foundation has published another one of its report of lies saying that the United States is less economically "free" than Canada (and the report goes on to describe how awful it is to be worse than Canada when it comes to economic freedom...they make Canada sound like the new France). The report sites "permanent takeovers" of the automotive and banking industries by the government and oversight the prevents companies from participating in government-free capitalism.

Uh, yeah...right.

Now that the the Supreme Court has given the go-ahead to have corporations buy elections in this country, and the pendulum seems to be swinging towards a fascist oligarchy, power-hungry greedy bastards like the Heritage Foundation want to push that pendulum as far right as they possibly can with an officially bound book of bullshit.

I personally think what they're trying to hide, is that the pudgy, white men that run that organization, are selling our country to countries who will keep them comfortable, fat and happy in their old age, and soon this country will be owned by the Saudis or the Chinese.

Current Knitting
Clearly there is at least one powerful witch or wizard in my group of readers. I got home on Thursday evening and knit a couple of rows on the Supreme Possum/Merino socks and decided to count how many rows I needed to knit to complete the ribbing, and amazingly, I only had two more rows to do.

Thanks for all the counter-curses.

My next WIP to get finished is another pair of socks using Kureyon sock yarn.

A Visit With Véronik
On her whirlwind tour, Véronik Avery made her way down to Philadelphia, and I was lucky enough to have been invited to brunch by our mutual friend Carol (of Black Bunny Fiber fame). Carol's husband, Too, Kathy Merrick and Liza Prior Lucy were both there as well, and after a wonderful brunch with brilliant conversation and gossip, we all went back to Liza's to continue the great visit, in addition to seeing the quilts from Kaffe's and Liza's upcoming quilt book, Kaffe Fassett's Simple Shapes Spectacular Quilts
 and fondling amazing fabrics.

Sorry I didn't get a decent picture of Kathy or Liza, but Liza avoids photo opportunities like the H1N1 virus, and to find a good photograph of Kathy is about as rare an occasion as finding a 17-leaf clover.

If you get the opportunity to visit with Véronik during any of her yarn store visits, you should definitely take the opportunity...she's a delight (it must be because her country has more economic freedom than ours!).  Ask her about getting to see the uncropped picture of me wearing my new socks shown above...I kinda forgot that it had to be cropped before I showed anyone on my

Readers' Comments/Questions
Thanks everyone for their vacation destination suggestions. The one place where I should have noted that I won't go, are the Cayman Islands. They are extremely much so that they turned away a gay cruise that was scheduled to dock there a dozen or so years ago...I've never forgiven them.

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