Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Is Haiti Cursed?

You'd think a beautiful little island in the Caribbean might have some challenges, but none of the neighboring islands seem to be quite so troubled as Haiti.

Desperate Times
If political unrest, terrible poverty and general strife wasn't enough for a small nation to bear, now they've been hit with a 7.0 earthquake that has even toppled the presidents mansion.

I guess it might be inappropriate to have one of the larger casino companies to come in and offer to buy the whole country and turn it into a center of tourism?

My greatest hope is that this horrible event will be the turning point for Haiti...that the relief efforts will help to rebuild a country into one that prospers and regains political stability. I could definitely see contributing to that as a cause...even if the death of thousands wouldn't be enough for me to take action.

Here's a link that lists various ways of contributing to the relief. There's even a way of texting a $5 contribution using your cellphone...amazing.

Current Knitting
I know I said that I was going to focus mostly on existing W'sIP, but I had to consider replacing my current pair of felted clog slippers as a WIP even though I hadn't started them prior to making the resolution. The hole in the sole is starting to get worse, and I felt I should just bang out a new pair as soon as I could.

So I started a pair this Monday, and finished the first clog.

One more to go, and then the felting process.

Completely Gratuitous Cat Picture
Nico doesn't often sit still during photography sessions...he'd make a lousy professional cat model. So when he sat elegantly posed on this chair for a while, and I had my camera handy, I figured I'd try to get a good picture of him.

What do you think...gorgeous, no?

Readers' Comments/Questions
Mary-Helen writes about the Kaffe pamphlet I posted with, "I can't read it - is that an early edition of Kaffe's Classics?"

No, it's actually called, "Rowan Kaffe's Colour Book by Lark Books" although it's really only a pamphlet and Rowan has a habit of naming things differently in different countries. This one has the Oriental Landscape jacket in the same style as your now-kimono shaped jacket.

Regarding the kid alpaca bed blanket/coffin cover, Cathy Goldman writes, "Are you knitting the coffin cover for.....YOU for the long into time future? or just in case someone needs it.This is a new one to me....."

It's really a bed blanket, but when I first started it years ago, I joked that it would be finished in just enough time to be used as my coffin cover. Hopefully that prophecy will be just a joke, as I'm not planning on dying anytime soon...although finishing the blanket isn't anticipated anytime soon either.

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