Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Finishing Up The Holidays and Starting 2010

Today's post is my final farewell to 2009 and plans and hopes for 2010.

One Last Post of Holiday Gifts
I didn't get a chance to post this, but I got two wonderful fiber-related gifts this past Xmas.

From Thaddeus' sister, I got five knitting books that she found at yard sales during the year...isn't she amazing? She was able to find copies of:
- Poems of Color
- Kaffe's Classics
- Family Album
- Knitted Socks
- Vogue Knitting

I already owned the two Kaffe books (the top two in the list), but I'm very glad to have the Poems of Color book.

I also got a delightful package from James in New Zealand.

Inside this beautiful packaged was this!:

The delightful New Zealand pictorial calendar is hanging by my desk as I type, the huge white chocolate bar is long gone, and the delightful little stockings were used as festive decorations (I won't mention what happened to the sweets inside them!).

God we love James!

Current Knitting
I've decided that this New Year should be all about finishing up old projects, or unraveling them if they will never work out.

I noted that I was working on the baby alpaca blanket/coffin cover, and I will continue to work on that when I'm home. I also finally got back to my second Mini Mochi scarf.

I had almost finished this scarf, and then realized I could have done a full two more repeats with the yarn I had left. So I ripped back and now I've finished all the repeats and all I have to do is do the lace ribbing at the end.

I should be able to finish it this evening.

Readers' Comments/Questions
Thanks to everyone for the nice comments on my mom's sweater. Schnoodle writes, "What a gorgeous sweater! You aren't thinking of creating a pattern for this, by any chance?"

I considered it, but it really wouldn't be a very useful pattern since I custom knit it specifically to fit my mom...even if I wrote it for different sizes. I honestly believe it would be easier to use a knitting design software to write this pattern up, since it's just plain stockinette.

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