Wednesday, December 16, 2009

I Hate Joe Lieberman

Is there anyone on the planet that actually likes this man who clearly only answers to the insurance companies that pay to get him elected?

Health Reform?
Great...they've worked like dogs to get a bill that is so watered down it makes virtually no impact on health care in this country whatsoever.

I don't quite understand what the harm was in offering Medicare to people starting at age 55.

It would seem to me that having a less aged pool of health care recipients, who pay into the Medicare fund would only be a good thing.

Oh...of course unless you were an insurance company making profits off of that same population, and you had spent almost a million dollars in election contributions to help get Senator Lieberman elected.

Then it might not be such a good thing.

I am incensed that Lieberman can be so obvious and the entire state he represents doesn't physically storm his office to unseat him.

Current Knitting
It's been a while since I posted.

I'm still working on the cardigan for my mom for Christmas.

I'm happy to say I've finished the back, the two fronts, the button band and the button-hole band. There are pictures out on my projects list in Ravelry...just click on the picture below.

I'm also happy to state that as it's 10 days before Christmas, I have also finished the ribbing on both sleeve cuffs, and knitted a bit of both sleeves (I'm doing both at the same time).

Readers' Comments/Questions
Concerning storage of contact information, Johanna asks, "Might you try something that isn't tied to your work? Like Gmail or something else?"

I may end up doing something like that, but some web softwares charge for the service, which I think is ridiculous, and I feel like you never know how stable applications like Gmail will be over the decades. Even my blog server (Blogger or dumped all my photos when they were bought out by Google...and I had paid to store them.

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