Monday, November 16, 2009

Traitorous Bastards

The Republicans are now well beyond bi-partisan politics...and even beyond obstructionists...they're traitors...trying to undermine the President and the U.S. government at every turn.

Throw The Bums Out
Remember how "unpatriotic" you were if you didn't support George W. in every one of his decisions?

Remember how many conservatives who were disappointed with the last presidential election claimed that they would support this president and see what he could do?

Do you think the Republicans are hoping that the country will be in worse shape by the time they come up for elections and the Democrats will be blamed.

Well, I say the Republicans in this country are acting like treasonous jerks...sacrificing the country's welfare for their own selfish, power-hungry motives. They would rather see millions in this country go uninsured, rather than pass a health care bill. Hell, they'd rather see this country fall into ruins, rather than have the President look even the littlest bit successful.

I can only hope the folks that truly have this country's welfare in mind, will reject this bitter, unpatriotic nastiness, and tell their representatives that it won't be forgotten next time they're up for election. Hell, perhaps they should be tried for treason!

Current Knitting
Using up some of the left-over Berrocco Peruvian yarn from The Expedition Pullover, I started a new scarf...mostly because I didn't feel like getting into something overly complex.

I'm using what I thought would be a very interesting looking stitch, but it's turning out rather ordinary looking. Oh well, the scarf will look good and keep someone's neck warm even if the complexity of the stitch isn't evident when looking at the stitch pattern.

Current Spindling
I finished plying up about 120 yards of the laceweight I've been making on my drop spindles.

Overall, I'm very pleased with how this project is turning out so far...but even more pleasing is the new niddy noddy I got from Bosworths when I was at Rhinebeck. This little delight is a thing of beauty, and works just perfectly for the more delicate yarns I can create on a drop-spindle.

Readers' Comments/Questions
RowsRed, in responding to the yarn store in Livingston Manor, NY, asks, "Did you mean 'the Catskills'?"

In fact, I did. Van's store is in the Catskills. Sorry for my geographic gaffe and getting your hopes up.

Ted (the inspiration for my spindling project), asks, " are you plying that yarn? The best method for spindle-plying (IMO) is described by Abby Franquemont in this article:

I'm really just plying on a larger spindle, directly off the two smaller spindles. I read through Abby's great article, and will probably try it her way next time. Or perhaps I'll just keep spindling singles till May, and have Ted show me at the next retreat!

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