Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Technological Enlightenment

Thanks to another one of my savvy readers, I now have a newly discovered way to transfer photographs from my digital camera.

A Different Kind of Wireless Today
When Marty asked in comments, "Does your computer have a slot to put those memory cards in?", my first thought was "You'd think I'd know if my laptop had such a slot."

Well, it turns out it DOES have an SD slot!

I know...I've had this laptop since June, and I never knew it had both a PCMCIA card slot and an SD memory card slot.

Thanks Marty...I had no idea that this was becoming standard, so I probably never would have checked if you hadn't asked.

And know for certain that I NEVER would have read the manual.

Current Knitting
First off, I'll show you the pictures I meant to post on Monday.

The Expedition Pullover (with errors...still haven't ripped it out).

The Mini Mochi Scarf.

The Possum Merino Socks

I also did a few more repeats on the Mini Mochi scarf, so here's a picture of that.

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