Monday, September 28, 2009


This is one of my favorite buttery and syrupy as I can get them.

Best Pancake Restaurant
Have any of you heard of "The Original Pancake House?"

This is relatively small chain of restaurants that make BY FAR the best pancakes on the planet. Their other food is pretty awesome as well.

I was working in Tyson's Corner, VA a number of years ago, and a co-worker got all giddy when he realized there was an OPH within a five mile radius (in Falls Church). I had never heard of this chain before, and we ended up going there for an early breakfast at least once a week after we discovered it was there.

Don't get me wrong, I will gladly stuff my face at an "International House of Pancakes" or at the local diner, but nothing is more satisfying than finding myself in a town with an Original Pancake House...if you have one near you, you MUST try it.

Current Knitting
I volunteered to test-crochet a hat for a friend (Hi Andy!) this past weekend, and it took up quite a bit of my crafting time. At one point, I'll probably be able to post a picture of the hat, but it's not even quite finished at the moment and the pattern is still being modified.

I did however get some work done on the Expedition Pullover this past weekend.

I'm now in the process of working the back of the sweater only and it's still a delightful sweater to knit. The patterning is a bit hard to see since I took the picture last night with a flash.

This is going to be quite a large sweater when it's finished...hopefully Thaddeus won't be swimming in it.

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