Wednesday, August 26, 2009

What Happened to a "Paperless Work Environment"?

Remember decades ago, when you were told that systems would be put in place which would completely eliminated the need to ever touch another piece of paper?

Imaging My Ass
And I don't mean on the copier machine at the annual holiday party.

Years ago, when "imaging" or scanning documents and storing them electronically was first widely publicized, companies all over the globe dreamed of the day where all documents would be viewed on a computer screen and forwarded at lightning speed to any destination an e-mail address would forward it.

Fat file folders of data would be sent off to a humidity-proof caverns deep under a mountain in Utah, never to be needed again unless magically called back for some legal case requiring a copy of the original.

I guess this vision has taken place in some ways. I like the fact that my monthly bank statements include imaged copies of processed checks instead of the actual canceled check. I like that my companies system for processing expense accounts allows me to fax them my receipts, and they get attached to an electronic expense account as an image. I like the fact that I can submit some of my tax returns electronically and "sign" them without the use of pen and paper.

But compared to the vision of a completely paperless environment, these little advances in imaging are woefully small.

It makes me think that most companies completely underestimated the complexity and/or cost of converting over to a "paperless" environment, and decided it wasn't worth it after all.

Current Knitting (and spinning)
I had run out of the bonus balls of black/lavender mohair blend from Mindy, but still had singles left of Carol's corriedale/cormo blend, so I broke into the black/green mohair blend roving from Mindy, so I could make enough yarn to finish the vest.

There was a lot less black in this fiber, so I'm hoping the lace-thin singles won't have that much impact on the resulting yarn...or at least not enough to be noticeable in the knitted garment.

Here is the plied yarn.

This is the third hank of yarn for the vest...I'm hoping I won't need to use too much of this third hank, since it does seem a bit brighter than the first two.

I started on the front of the vest (deciding to make a pullover instead of a button-up) and made quite a bit of progress.

I'm loving how fast this vest is knitting up...hopefully it won't be too warm to wear at Rhinebeck!

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