Monday, August 10, 2009

Summer Fruit

No...not me!! I'm talking about peaches and nectarines and plums, etc..

Thaddeus Having His Way With Fruit
When Thaddeus puts his mind to it, he is unstoppable in attaining a goal.

Years ago, he decided to teach himself how to bake the most perfect pie, and he has truly accomplished it.

While he's known in these parts for the lightest, flakiest, most delectable cherry pie on the planet, lately, he has been making a pie that most who get the chance to taste it agree, is better than his cherry pie.

This is his peach/nectarine pie. I can't begin to tell you how amazing this pie is. The crust is thin, light, flaky...and it has the most perfect texture for biting into, and then melts on the tongue. The filling is nothing short of ambrosia.

As if his handsome looks weren't enough!

Current Knitting
I finally finished up the second ball of Mini-Mochi, and started on the third. I may decide to only use three balls, but I won't be able to decide this until I get to the end of the third ball, and try on the scarf.

My understanding is that this yarn flew off the shelves like wild fire at Sock Summit 2009. The colorways are gorgeous, but when folks actually get to touch and fondle this yarn in person, they almost always have to get some of it for themselves.

New Yarn
Susan (Fleegle) on Ravelry placed an order for "Gossamer Lace" yarn from a manufacturer in China, and offered to take orders for huge kilo cones of the stuff from anyone that wanted to get some as well. I ordered two kilos/cones and the stuff is amazing. It's a blend of merino, silk and cashmere and gossamer is a perfect description for it.

I'm thinking it will make a perfect yarn for some of the Estonian Lace patterns in the new book I mentioned in my last post.

Readers' Comments/Questions
Tom and Ted both wanted to know how much the Estonian book cost.

I answered the question in comments on the last post, but I'll put it here for ease of reference:

With shipping and handling, the book cost 505.00 Estonian Kroon and at an exchange rate of 0.089306930 US dollars to one Kroon, plus a conversion charge by my credit card for US$1.35, it cost me a total of US$46.45.

Jenbob writes, "The scarf is looking lovely! Do you have a preferred stitch dictionary for patterns like this or do you use a combination of books?"

Yes, I always start with the Barbara Walker "Treasuries"...I usually end up finding something there, but I have a few others (mostly lace books) that I can look to for other inspiration as well.

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