Monday, August 17, 2009

Knitting Symbol Font

David Xenakis of XRX publications has published a downloadable font for knitters, but I personally think it sucks.

Isn't There a Better One Somewhere?
the Xenakis font isn't scaleable, is missing numerous symbols (for instance, it has an SSK symbol, but no symbol of K2Tog...well...there is one that LOOKS like it should be K2Tog, but it's not the standard symbol in my mind). He also puts squares around some (but not all) of his symbols, so that it works okay in a Word document, but not in an Excel spreadsheet.

I downloaded a font editor, and I'm going through the process of trying to make his font more workable for me, as I'm trying to type up the pattern for my scarf, and I'd prefer to put both written instructions and graphic instructions.

We'll see how that goes.

Current Knitting
I finished the Mini Mochi scarf, and I've heard recently that Mini Mochi is selling a viral pace...Crystal Palace's first order of the yarn sold out very quickly, I wonder how fast this one will become scarce.

Here's a bunch of different pictures of the scarf...I'd like to include one or two pictures of the scarf in the pattern...I'd be interested to read what you think would be the best pictures to include.

Latest Purchases
I got some lovely roving as part of the Fiber Club at Black Bunny Fibers. This installment is a densely soft Tunis yarn in deep dark blues.

Plus, you get a bonus picture of Nico making himself comfortable.

Readers' Comments/Questions
Regarding Thaddeus' pie crust ingredients, Carol (of the back-wood coal country) asks, "No lard???"

Actually, Thaddeus looked into making crusts with lard, but pastry requires a very finely rendered lard called "leaf lard" which is very difficult to find. He even looked around our local Amish/Mennonite markets to see if he could get it there and couldn't.

Also regarding the peach/nectarine pie, Lorelei asks, "What about the filling?"

Not really sure on this one...obviously, he uses peaches and nectarines...I know he favors white peaches for pie and he doesn't cook his peach filling before baking (he does pre-cook sour cherry filling) and I think he uses some corn starch, but I'm not sure and if he does, how much.

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