Monday, July 13, 2009

Today's Conundrum

If we didn't have cameras, how would you know what you looked like with your eyes closed?

...if you faced a mirror with your eyes closed and opened them faster than the speed of light, you'd be able to see your image in the mirror while your eyes were still closed?

No, I guess not.

The best you could do without any kind of visual recorder would be to have someone draw or paint you.

Current Knitting
I haven't been moving quite as quickly with the second pair of Woolcott & Co socks.

This shows that I've finished the first sock of the "red pair" and started the second..

I've been dreaming of doing this sock from the toe up, and think it would be pretty simple to do. I'll have to find Duffy's reference to a standard heel or dutch heel that can be done toe up so I can do the heel flap in a contrasting color.

Readers' Comments/Questions
Mindy writes, "When you have both wheels going, do you switch back and forth? That was my plan, but the obsessive part of me wants to plow through one project at a time, while the adhd part of me wants to take bobbins off both wheels to start 2 new yarns... then I just short-circuit and start a few knitting projects."

You and I have the exact same routine when it comes to owning two spinning wheels. You described exactly how I think and spin and knit. I'll be posting about two new drop-spindles I purchased later this week, and I'll be interested to see if they make a difference in my spinning routines.

Maureen asks, "Whoa, those singles are GORGEOUS! Any idea what you'll make in the end?"

I've been trying to figure that out myself. I'm not sure how much yardage I'll get out of the Corriedale/Cormo spinning after it's plied with the mohair blend. The resulting yarn will probably be a bit too scratchy for a scarf (the corriedale feels like it would make me itch anyway), and I don't know if I'll have enough for a man's vest (or if the colors would be too over-the-top for a guy's garment). The yarn would make a very nice (and warm) hat or two, but I doubt I'll do that. In short, the answer is I don't know...yet.

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