Thursday, July 23, 2009

Lots of Travel

Over the next six weeks, it looks like I'll be traveling quite bit. This week, I'll have flown six flight legs in less than 5 days.

Hazards of Flying
When I'm not used to flying, I sometimes do stupid things. Readers may remember that I left one of my almost completed projects on a plane. I did that on a flight that occurred after months of not flying, so I forgot how vigilant I had to be to remember to check for personal items in the seat pocket in front of me.

Well, this past Monday was the first time I've flown in months again, and guess what?...I left my sock project on the plane...ugh!

I ended up speaking with someone in the lost & found for the airlines and she was extremely helpful. She assured me that nothing gets thrown out and she has notified her counterparts in the three other airports where my knitting might show up to ask them to keep an eye out for it.

We'll see if Delta/NorthWest does a better job than USAirways in recovering my knitting.

Current Spinning
Since I have no knitting with me during my travels this week, I can only show you the progress I've made on my current spinning project.

This is the Mohair/Shetland blend from Mindy at Puff-The-Magic-Rabbit.

I'm spinning it as finely as I can, and I will ply this with the much thicker singles of Corriedale/Cormo from Carol at Black Bunny Fibers.

Readers' Comments/Questions
Fredda writes, "Great socks. Are you ordering more yarn from Sean and will we be seeing more of these beauties?"

I just may have to now, although I may just start playing around with some of the MiniMochi I bought a little while back.

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