Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Did Someone Put The Sheep In The Drier?

Turns out, sheep are shrinking...due to climate changes getting warmer...maybe we should genetically alter them to make them all superwash?

Evolution is Only a Theory
I always love when folks use this as a way to deny the true age of the planet so that it matches what the bible says. But the article above clearly shows how breeding and environmental conditions very clearly affect how species evolve.

Gravity is only a theory too...why don't you jump out a 10-story window?

Current Knitting
Progress has slowed a bit with my current psychotic sock-knitting craze.

I've finished about 7 inches of ribbing on the third of six socks using the Woolcott & Co. hand-dyed sock yarns. Still loving how it knits up, but just a little tight on time lately.

Current Spinning
With two empty spinning wheels, and a ton of roving around the house, I decided I'd try and come up with an interesting combination yarn that would work well when wrapped with Mindy's (Puff-The-Magic-Rabbit) mohair blends.

I started spinning the Corriedale/Cormo blend of roving that I got as part of the Black Bunny Fiber club.

I'm loving how this is spinning up. I'm spinning a rather loose, thickish single, and I think a fine wrap of dark mohair blended single will make a great finished yarn. We'll see.

Readers' Comments/Questions
Regarding the Marlowe Sock design, Jacquie asks, "Is that a traditional heel?"

Yes...knitted heel flap using slipped stitches...couple of short rows to round the heel...picked up stitches along the sides of the flap...and decrease gussets. I've been dreaming of converting this design to toe-up and using the Andersson heel, but I can't do it with this set of 3 pairs because you can't really do a contrasting color heel with that method.

Also regarding the sock, John asks, "Will this sock pattern ever be for sale?"

Actually, Marlowe has a very similar design for sale on A Verb For Keeping Warm's web site. I think the version for sale uses less ribbing on the leg and is a smaller size (uses 8 less stitches).

Min DePandi writes, "I never knitted socks before. It looks complicated to make... Is it?"

Personally, I find a standard sock to be one of the easier things to knit. If a person can follow any knitting pattern, sock patterns are hardly different. It requires being able to knit in the round, but other than that, it's usually just following directions.

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