Monday, July 20, 2009


I always thought I'd hate having a Blackberry, but so far, I've found it very convenient.

One of Those People
I have to say, I've always had an amazing amount of disdain for folks that walk through life thumbing through their Blackberry, to the exclusion of much else.

That disdain hasn't gone away.

I now have a cell phone that can also play MP3's and retrieve my work and personal e-mail. I will also use it for various web functions like Facebook and DailyMugshot when I don't feel like lugging my larger camera on a business trip.

So far, it's a great tool, and while initially, I've probably been more obsessed with it than I would have hoped for myself, I'm pretty certain that's only because it's a new toy and like my camera or GPS, it will fade into the background and become useful, but definitely not all-consuming.

Current Knitting
I finished the second pair of Woolcott & Co socks and have already made great headway on the first of the third pair.

The second pair came out as well as the first, and I'm getting very good at whipping these socks out. The picture of the latest sock isn't the greatest even though Ivy is by far my favorite of the three colors. There are rich tones of pine and also bright acidy greens. The last pair will probably be worn out first.

If you haven't checked out Sean's latest sock yarn dyeing (not sure how much you can see if you're not attached to Woolcott & Co in Facebook), you really should. He only makes limited quantities and they sell out fast, and calling the store is the only way to order them.

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