Monday, June 22, 2009

Not Overly Productive Weekend

I wasn't exactly sick this weekend, but I wasn't exactly healthy either...I think I had a low-grade temperature with some body aches, and I was very tired...but no other symptoms.

No Ooomph
I did sleep a lot this weekend, and I even had a healthy appetite, so I ate fine, but knitting held very little interest. While I do have a picture of the current sweater-in-progress below, I figured I better bring in the big guns to distract readers from the lack of knitting content.

Ohhh...look...Nico! My new camera has been able to catch a few good shots of him even.

Current Knitting
I got a few more repeats done and now the front is up to about 10 inches long so far.

This intarsia/Fair Isle combination of knitting seems a bit fiddly for me, especially when I have to strand unused color on the purl side of a row. I'm still glad to have chosen this way of doing it, but when I'm not in a knitting kind of mood, it takes a little more energy to get me to pick up my knitting on a project like this.

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