Monday, June 29, 2009

Just Not Feeling It

Is it the pattern stitch? Is it the colors? Is it the fabric? Is it the weather? Or is it just how I'm feeling at the moment?

Whatever It Is...
...I'm just not enjoying the progress on the Impressions pullover vest. It's just not one of those projects that I look forward to running home and working on each night. I'll continue to work on it, and I will definitely finish it, but I got distracted with a delivery of yarn this past Saturday.

Sean at Woolcott & Co. is hand-dyeing sock yarn and selling it in his store. It's not on the web site linked above, you just have to know about it and call him to order it.

I loved the colors he chose, so I bought one of each and I've already cast on for my first of three pairs of Woolcott socks.

You'll note I accented the top of the sock with a contrasting color. I will use the same color for the heels and toe of this pair. I figure I will mix and match all three colors eventually.

Current Spinning
After finishing the singles of Mohair/Merino blend from Mindy at Puff The Magic Rabbit, I was considering wrapping them around a two-ply tussah/cashmere blend that I started working on back in January of 2008, but never finished. I set my mind to finishing it so I could get this lovely yarn combination done.

When I finished plying the tussah/cashmere, I experimented with adding the mohair, but it wasn't working well, so I just decided to leave the tussah/cashmere as a double-ply yarn and I'll double-ply the mohair/merino later.

Just as a side note, I love how this yarn turned out. I was able to keep the colors separated in such a way that I used up all the fiber. I ended up with a little over 400 yards of beautiful yarn, plus I'll get an additional amount of beautifula mohair/merino when I ply that.

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