Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Isager is Back

Marianne Isager is back in my radar and now in English.

Finally Came
I had pre-ordered two books by Marianne Isager that have been translated into English...

Classic Knits and Japanese Inspired Knits.

So far, I've only been able to take a quick glance at either of them, but I'm already impressed. I definitely wouldn't recommend either book for guys looking for guy patterns. I found her Afrika book was much better for motifs and shaping for men than either of these two books.

Both books seem to have a perfect combination of classic shapes and funky shapes and show off Isager's amazing color designs which are interesting and quite rich and beautiful. I am very glad to own both of these books in my library.

Current Knitting
I've got about 20 more rounds of the second Marlowe sock to finish before getting to the toe.

The toe takes very little time...even with the little bit of kitchener stitching required, so I intend on finishing these socks by tonight. I brought additional sock yarn to start another pair, but I may just decide to try and re-engineer Marlowe's pattern to do these from the toe up and convert the heel to an Andersson heel.

Readers' Comments/Questions
Regarding Bill O'Reilly's verbal assaults on the doctor who performed abortions and was seemingly murdered for performing them, Skeinman writes, "I don't like what O'Reilly said, but the fault lies strictly with the pig who did the shooting." Shelly adds, "Please don't mistake the action of a very sick person with being a Christian."

I have to say that in my upbringing as a young Christian, I was clearly taught to consider doctors that perform abortions murderers. In the same way, I was taught to believe that homosexuality was very wrong in God's eyes. I honestly don't hold Bill O'Reilly or Christian churches responsible for the death of this man...directly...but I do think they both had a role in it, just like I think my church bureaucracy plays a role in all the gay teen youth suicides. The message that a man is a murderer for practicing a legal medical procedure can be a very strong one in people with weaker minds. The Christians that spout this hateful garbage should take some responsibility for it, and the consequences. Bill O'Reilly included.

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