Monday, June 01, 2009

How'd You Like To Be Bill O'Reilly?

Many of you may have read/heard that an abortion doctor that Bill O'Reilly targeted numerous times on his t.v. show (including calling him a "baby killer", "disgrace", and "murderer") has been shot and killed while attending church with his wife.

I Always Worry
Whenever I'm driving through a suburban neighborhood, I always drive slowly and pay close attention, specifically looking for kids playing. I don't know that I could live a normal life if I ever accidentally took the life of someone else.

I can't imagine how O'Reilly must be feeling now that he's potentially incited someone to kill another man because of his hateful rhetoric.

Please, whatever you do, don't retaliate by shooting Bill O'Reilly...I couldn't live with myself if you did.

Current Knitting
I finished the ribbing on the second Men's Knitting Retreat sock pattern (I think this may be my first official KAL), and I'm just about to start knitting the heel flap.

I have to say that this sock design is like the swimsuit designed for Olympic hugs my foot in all the right places and feels so sleek and streamlined. Marlowe did a nice job. I think my next sock will be her Arched Sock Pattern (you can download the pattern directly from Ravelry if you're a member there). I may even try to score some Verb sock yarn if I can find a color that I think I'd like making it in.

New Niebling Book
I just got my latest lace book from Lacis. They came out with Knitted Lace Designs by Herbert Niebling. On first glance, it looks quite interesting, and I think I'll be able to make some lovely things from it.

Readers' Comments/Questions
Maureen writes, "Glad to hear you guys and Nico survived his ER trip. So will he be on inhalers for asthma at home now?" and JJ follows up with, "If his condition worsens, you might want to consider getting him a kitty inhaler."

We're currently tapering him off prednisone (in liquid format) and we have Albuterol on hand and we're waiting for delivery of the feline inhaler thing-a-mabob called Aerokat. His asthma seems to have cleared just fine for now, but he seems to have picked up some sort of cold at either the hospital or the vet's office. Poor thing is actually sneezing now!

Regarding the MKR Sock pattern, Joe E. asks, "Question: Is the cuff loose/slouchy?"

Mine aren't, although I haven't worn them for a full day yet which is always the test. 2x2 rib usually stays up the best in my experience and so far, they seem to have a nice feel to them without slouching.

Lorelei writes, "I once passed up some possum yarn because I didn't like the sound of it! You seem so delighted, though, that next time I'll pay closer attention before I turn my nose up."

Possums in New Zealand must be very different than the U.S. brand...I can't imagine making yarn out of our possums. The best deal these days for this awesome yarn is still buying it from New Zealand. Check out the J.O.Y. (Joy of Yarn) website, which is all in New Zealand dollars...even with shipping, it's still cheaper to buy sock yarn from the Kiwi James.

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