Monday, June 15, 2009

A Fresh New View On The World

New Toy
I've been wanting to get a new camera for a while now, but I kept balking at the difference in prices between my little Canon PowerShot, and the entry-level digital SLR cameras. I finally decided to get over it, and just buy one.

I'm very glad I did.

Isn't it weird that I can only take a picture of my new camera with my old camera?

After doing some on-line research, I ended up buying a Canon Rebel XS 10.1MP , and I've been playing with it all weekend. I guess I could take a picture of the camera using the new camera...

I love a few things about this new camera already. First of all, it takes photos indoors without a flash, without getting all blurry, but even with the flash, photos look great. Second, when I decide to use some of the manual features of the camera, the menu options are clear and easy to read. Third, Franklin has volunteered to lead a "Photographing Fiber" workshop at the Men's Fall Knitting Retreat, so I'm hopeful to get into that session and get some good tips from him.

Hopefully you'll be seeing the results of my new camera for years to come as I use it for blog pictures.

Current Knitting
I finally got past the microscopic ribbing on my current project, and started in with the front of the sweater.

Here's a more close up look of the pattern stitch.

I started knitting the garment in the round, but then realized that I didn't want to strand the contrasting color (periwinkle) across the entire garment. I opted to use intarsia for each vertical "stripe" of color/texture, and so I'm working the body of the garment in two flat pieces.

Readers' Comments/Questions
Maureen writes, "I love the Mini Mochi! Those are great colorways. What weight is it?"

Me too...I have it prominently displayed in my craft area, and keep walking by and fondling it. It's fingering weight, mainly for making socks.

Expat On The Go asks, "Could you walk us through how you design and make a sweater (that actually fits you!)? Or is that too much to ask? You don't need to write a book - just a few words on every step..."

For me, sizing is the most important aspect For the current vest the easiest way for me to size the garment is to find an existing vest that fits me well and use those measurements.

Then it’s mostly just a matter of determining my gauge and doing the math. I also adjust some for ease if the weight of the fabric in the well-fitting garment is different than the fabric I’m creating.

Once I have sizing done, I have to try and decide on a stitch pattern or color pattern that appeals to me. For this, I often use graphic software so I can see it more as a finished garment…and even that isn’t always successful.

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