Wednesday, May 20, 2009

More MSKR 2009

Just a little about the schedule of events.

I left early on Thursday morning to avoid traffic and arrived to a rainy Easton Mountain at about 9:30 in the morning. Greeted by Ted, Alan and Jeff, we spent the next few hours setting up the welcome packets and giveaway bags and door-prize table.

Once all that was finished the four of us headed off to a Turkish restaurant in Troy that I loved when I was working up in that area a few years ago (called Ali Baba's in case it matters). We met up with Kyle, Chuck, Michael, Dave and Scott at the restaurant and had a delightful lunch.

Back at Easton, the guys started arriving and checking in and re-acquainting with guys from last year and meeting new guys from this year. Eventually, we go to dinner and then the formal start of the event, the welcome circle. I have to say, this is my favorite part of the retreat. With all 42 guys there and well-fed, we describe how the event will play out and then do an enjoyable, yet competitive get-to-know-you game (the guys compete for door-prizes).

My first night had me up until about 2:00 am because I didn't want to miss a thing, and the following morning, I was up at 6:00 am to see the rain had passed, and the while the clouds hung low over Easton Mountain, they were going to soon be burned off by the sun.

I'll just post some additional pictures here in no particular order.

Matthew (HyphenBoy), Kyle, John, Solomon and Stephen (HizKnits)

Me and Juan

Jerry (Easton staff member who was VERY helpful to me) and Van

Jeff, Bob, Chuck and John

I-Phone, Sean, Kenny and Mark waiting for dinner.

Guido and John

Daniel and Josh

Chuck and John

Carl and Ted

Bob, Joe (the other one!) and Stephen (Touch of Twist)

Current Knitting
Finished up another long vertical seam of six squares-to-six squares on the Easton Mountain afghan, and now I just have one more to finish up.

I have already decided on my next project which will be Marlowe Crawford's sock that she designed specifically for the Men's Knitting Retreat. More about that in next entry.

Readers' Comments/Questions
Seanna Lee writes, "Those afghan squares are stunning! I especially love the blue and white one and the yellow and white ones in the photo."

lol...the yellow and white one is spectacular and was done by WonderMike...unfortunately, it was done in his own handspun, instead of the acrylic yarn that everyone else was required to use. We couldn't use it in the afghan, but we did make a pillow out of it that will go with the afghan.

Regarding Peter (Nanna) being at the retreat, Duffy writes, "How did you manage to get Nanna Peter away from his precious plants?"

Uh...hello?!?!...isn't that a no-brainer? Look at what his choices were.

Fredda (with all the concern of my adopted Jewish mother asks), "Will you get a chance to rest?"

Actually, this week I've slept 9 hours for two nights in a row. Only one more long sleep and I'll be back out of deficit. Although, I have already started planning for MSKR 2010!

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