Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Airbags Scare Me

Have you ever seen an airbag go off in real life? In your own face?

It's Gotta Hurt!!!
I've only seen airbags go off on television and in movies, but it always looks like it's a very powerful explosion.

When I look at my steering wheel, and the cover for the airbag, I can only think that I would hate to have the piece of rubberized plastic flying at my face.

Granted, I wouldn't really want to be in a car accident that required an airbag to deploy anyway, but the thought of it happening in actuality is something that looks shocking and awful. And these days cars have them all over the freaking place

I guess it's a lot less awful than having your face jammed into a shattered windshield, but airbags still scare me. Could someone please come up with a proper term for this phobia? It would add some comfort that my fears had at least been deemed important enough to have a diagnosis.

Current Knitting

Gee that was easy.

At least none that I can show on the blog.

Recent Purchases
I don't usually do this, because I like the door prizes we get for the retreat to be a surprise to the guys when they get there, but I had to rave about some yarn that I will definitely be ordering to have for myself.

Have you ever gotten yarn from Kim at the Woolen Rabbit? She donated some of her Merino/Silk hand-dyed yarn and it is truly gorgeous. Don't get me wrong, we have gotten some spectacularly generous donations so far, and the guys will be quite pleased, and my credit card will definitely suffer. Check out Kim's Merino/Silk.

Okay...I already ordered some...I couldn't resist.

I also ordered and received this lovely yarn.

It's Mulespun wool from Custom Woolen Mills. I just loved the rich black tweediness of this yarn. It's also quite a nice sturdy/rustic feeling yarn, which I intend on turning into a very manly sweater.

My favorite part about this yarn was the box they mailed it to me in.

Nothing like having Tucan Sam appearing on your doorstep delivering you nice yarn...lol.

Readers' Comments/Questions
Tim writes, "As for the ADD thing... me too. Have you tried caffeine? For many of us, it actually helps slow-down and focus our minds..."

I'm actually not too sure where one should draw the line between "gets bored easily" and has a bona fide case of ADD. In my case it could probably be either. I do drink caffeine (coffee and/or lattes) each morning, but I'm not sure of how it affects my ability to focus.

About the latest Niebling lace project, Maureen asks, "Where will you display it?" Sheri adds, "What do you do with this lace piece? Is it a table cloth? Or a shawl? Of a belated birthday gift for your blog reader Sheri?"

Probably on a dining table over a white table cloth. Or more likely give it to someone who will do something similar. It probably would work as a shawl for a smaller person as it's probably about 50"x50", but would work a little better as a table cover.

Anne Marie asks, "WTF is that clown thing leaning against the stair guard? I have never seen one of those and my curiosity is runnin' wild!"

It's actually a sculpture by a local artist...it's got a very odd combination of colorful, child's toy-like quality and scare-the-shit-out-of-kids clown feel. Thaddeus and I both love it.

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