Monday, May 25, 2009

2009 Men's Knitting Retreats

Yes, you read correctly...PLURAL...retreatS.

MFKR 2009
Looks like I will be heading out West to go to my first Men's Fall Knitting Retreat on Labor Day weekend.

It is going to be so amazing to meet folks like WonderMike and CraftyAndy...guys with whom I've corresponded over the years and now I get to meet in person. Plus I can't wait to see all the guys who were also at the East Coast retreat...and of course, seeing Franklin and Kiwi James again is going to be great. At last count there were about 25 guys signed up for the retreat, and Michael tells me that he will probably limit registration to 40 maximum for anyone who's interested.

I am more excited than I can possibly write.

Final MSKR 2009
For those interested in reading blog entries, or seeing hundreds of pictures of the recently completed Men's Spring Knitting Retreat, I have consolidated all the links I know of and pictures about which I am aware on Flickr on the Past Events page of web site.

Go enjoy, but also check out how many fiber-related vendors supported our event through their contributions. If you've been looking to order some yarn or fiber or buttons (Regina's amazing buttons!), please also check out the full page of vendor links.

Current Knitting
I was able to finish seaming up the Easton Mountain afghan and sent that off to one of MSKR's master crocheters (we had at least two) so a border could be completed.

I knew as soon as I received them, that my next project would be the socks that Marlowe Crawford designed specifically for the Men's Knitting Retreat.

I just finished turning the heel using a contrasting color (the pattern only calls for a contrasting color for the toe...I just decided to use it on the heel as well), and the arch shaping has already begun at the same time. I am using "Flat Feet" for the yarn that I got at Sean's store in Cambridge, MA. The pattern is very nice so far, despite how my picture makes it look. It did make me realize that I want to purchase her other arch-shaped sock design and work that one too. I'm also realizing that I need to purchase some of the sock yarn she uses in her designs from A Verb for Keeping Warm.

New Book - In Praise of the "C" Word
It's always great when friends I have known for years author a book...I love seeing their names in print.

Kathy Merrick has been reading this blog since I first started writing it almost 7 years ago. I originally met her when she was working at Tomato Factory, and even back then she was referred to as the master crocheter. Kathy has in incredible eye for color and she has combined that with her crochet expertise to come up with Interweave's latest book.

Crochet in Color: Techniques and Designs for Playing with Color has just been added to the Amazon database for pre-ordering with an expected release date of October 2009.

Suffice it to say, I have my order placed already.

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