Friday, January 30, 2009

What Would You Do?

A coworker was telling me that her mom used to knit incessantly until arthritis made it too painful.

Would You Ever Consider Knitting With Your Feet?
I do know that not being able to knit would be a devastating blow, but I don't know if I would try and adapt by learning to knit with my feet.

But I still thought it would be an interesting question to pose.

How far would you go (or have you gone) to keep yourself knitting?

Current Knitting
A few more inches grew onto the end of my sleeve this now you'd think I'd have a whole sleeve completed, but alas, no.

It is moving along a little faster, but it's still stranded knitting even though most of the sleeve is black. Carrying the white behind still takes a little more time than plain knitting.

Readers' Comments/Questions
I'm glad Mette is still reading was quite fun to do a multi-national book trade...especially when it was knitting books that were flying around the World...and I was also glad to find out from her about Isager's daughter...lovely items. Thanks also to Erin for information on the Isager yarns...I will definitely have to check them out.

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