Thursday, December 18, 2008

Carol's My Hero

Remember how I wondered why Debbie Stoller's book
was the #1 knitting book on Amazon? Now it's not.

Now Carol's Book Is!

Yes...Amazon ranks Knitting Socks with Handpainted Yarn as the top selling knitting book on Amazon.

Not surprising, but very nice. You can see all the other rankings here.

Congratulations to one of our own on such a well-deserved recognition.

Current Knitting
At row 124 and counting down.

44 rows sounds a lot better than 75% complete to me. Not sure why but it does.

Other Miscellany
My Newfoundland coworker found out that I had never had salted beef (also known as cured navel beef), so she schlepped a vacuum sealed package of it into the states just for me.

Thaddeus was able to make an excellent and traditional "boiled dinner" from it.

It was quite good, but I honestly prefer corned beef.

Also, found on a recent trip to the flea market, this collection of baby and children's knit books.

I have to stop collecting these booklets before my book shelves start to collapse.


Anonymous said...

Perhaps that is the first in a long line of traditional Newfoundland dishes. Up next cod tongues (though they are a little hard to find now, due to overfishing and the fact that you need a pretty big fish for the tongue to be worth eating) and seal flipper pie.

I think 44 rows sounds better than 75% done, too. Looking good.

mand said...

Surely that's not cured navel beef - surely it's cured naval beef?


Or has someone cured a navel? of what?


Geek Knitter said...

I'm sorry... did you say something about not collecting books?

Does not compute!

Seanna Lea said...

I'm with you about the counting down. It feels like you are getting close when you just use the row numbers, though I usually do it by number of repeats left. In my current sock I have 1 repeat left to the heel, which is a lot easier to think about than almost halfway done.

NC Knitter said...

Between knitting/crochet/craft books and cookbooks (not to mention yarn!), I ran out of shelf space ages ago!!! They are stacked all over the place. I'm currently trying to figure out how to cram more shelving into my apartment.

Linda D said...

I have that booklet with the little redhaired girl! Bought it whn my kids were little, it's still around. And my oldest "kid" is pushing 40. ;)

James said...

That looks like what we call "Corned Beef" her in NZ. Ideal winter food as we put it in a slow cooker all day so that when we get home at night the smell has wafted all through the kitchen. Apologies to any vegetarians out there but it smells and tastes delicious, especially with a mustard sauce.

Marty said...

I have not one, but TWO copies of that book with the cute red-haired girl, having inherited my mom's stash of knit and crochet books when she passed away. Mom made a blanket and a sweater for my babies from that book. I have a huge stack of books, too-where oh where to put them.

Your beef looks really good. My hubby has corned elk in the crock. He made it without nitrites and nitrates so we'll see how it tastes. Much healthier anyway!

Crochet Goddess said...

My fist thought was it looks like corned beef. It looks great. I hipe you have a great weekend and wonderful Christmas.