Monday, August 04, 2008


Have you ever had the experiencing of awakening to a brand new day, knowing that your life was changing, even though there was no specific evidence to support it?

I'm Awake
These last few months, perhaps longer, have seemed like I was sleepwalking through them. I continued to perform all my daily tasks, but there was no focus or vitality associated with any of it.

This morning I have come into a day that is clear and blue and I have a similar level of clarity associated with all aspects of my life. I feel as though I know where I'm headed today. I feel bright and energetic, as if during my sleep, someone sharpened me like a knife on a whetting stone.

Perhaps the Claritin has just kicked in.

Current Knitting
Last week I was very busy with work, and as a result, got very little knitting done. Even during the times when I would normally have gotten a lot of knitting done, such as in the airport or on the plane, I didn't feel like knitting.

My outbound flight last Monday had me sitting next to a young woman who just wouldn't shut the fuck up. And based on her account of her time in Nantes France, everything "smelled like ass." Yes...her words, not mine...cheese smelled like ass...she ran for a train and got on it smelling like ass...she ate at a restaurant where the water smelled like ass.

I almost suggested that she check more carefully when wiping herself, but thought it would only encourage another spate of inane words.

I tell you all this because I tried knitting while simultaneously trying to ignore what she was saying. After a short 90 minute flight, I found that the four sides to my lace garment now all had different numbers of stitches, 158, 161, 165, 163. I ended up un-knitting back two rows, which seemed to take forever, and then got myself back on track.

This shows me up to round 90 of 142 on the Promenade dans le Foret lace project. I put it on four cable needles for the picture, since I figured the least I could do would be to try and get a decent picture for the blog. Here's another shot of just the center of the lace.

I sniffed the project just to make sure it didn't smell like ass.

Most Non-Photogenic Cat
Nico has turned out to be great cat thanks to Thaddeus' constant attention and love. But despite how great he is, he takes some of the worst pictures of any cat ever. Here's the best one I could get.

Suffice it to say, he is MUCH cuter than this in real life.

Readers' Comments/Questions
Twinsetellen wrote, "I spotted some of your work on the Men who Knit site and just had to find out more. I'll browse your prior posts, but if you were so kind as to send me some info, or a ravelry name if you have projects posted there, I would be so grateful."

I have posted all my recent projects on Ravelry under the clever Rav-Name of QueerJoe. To find out more about this incredible lace, I would highly recommend joining the Niebling Lace Knitters group on Ravelry. There is an excellent Yahoo Group as well, but I'm not sure they're taking new members now.


anne marie in philly said...

jeebers, you set me off in a fit of laughter; and it DIDN'T smell like ass either!

that's a nice pix of nico; it shows his pretty body markings and his ring tail. nico will now leave a hairball in your shoe for suggesting he isn't photogenic.

ask me how I know...


Bridget said...

OK, I shouldn't have read this while I was at work, because the whole smells like ass thing sent me over the edge ... having said that, I cannot imagine an entire flight next to someone like that!

Nico is quite handsome, even if you say that's not his best shot. Heck, my cat walks up to me whenever he sees the camera, and that just doesn't work at all ...

maggiemidwife said...

Oh- lace- pretty, pretty. Would like to pet it. Luckily I wasn't drinking anything when I read your entry or I would be cleaning off my screen. Thanks for the laugh.
Ralvery maggiemidwife.

Judi said...

Well, the lace is nice....., but Nico is beautiful! What great coloring. The only pictures I ever get of my cats are their nostrils as they try to nuzzle the camera. Or the red eyed varmints from Hades.

FiberQat said...

Thank goodness it was only 90 minutes of her. I'd hate to think of a cross-country flight of things smelling like ass. It's good that you have beautiful things to work on and a beautiful four-footed child upon which to lavish love and attention.

grandfatherknits said...

Thoughts while listening to someone you don't want to listen to while knitting:
Do I put the needle into my eye or into hers?
How many wraps of yarn around the neck to cut off her air?
Is it a waste of an Addi Turbo Lace 47" needle to use to sew her mouth shut?
How long might it be until they notice I locked myself into the bathroom with my knitting?

Mel said...

Cheese is supposed to smell like ass. Or at least spoiled milk. That's what makes it taste so good.

Anonymous said...

Suffice it to say, MOST creatures are cuter in real life than in their pictures --- I submit the MSKR as evidence.
--- Tom

Michael said...

How I love your posts, Joe! And that "person" you were forced to share the train car with... is an ass. Draw your own conclusions about the smells associate therewith.

Your lace makes me cry... in a very, very good way.

Kelly Stewart said...

I just have to thank you for best laugh that I have needed forever,it set me over the edge too,as one of your readers put it!(The ass story).Very entertaining.
I just happened upon your website via another site,sorry I/m not a knitter,but am a weaver.
Thanks for the visit,and entertainment!