Friday, May 16, 2008

It's Finally Here

Yes, today, I head up to Upstate New York to meet up with a bunch of guys to spend time relaxing and knitting and spinning and teaching...okay, perhaps there won't be quite as much relaxing as I initially anticipated.

Wonderful Delights
I don't want to spoil anything for anyone reading this who will be there, but many yarn and fiber companies, as well as one very generous reader have sent little gifts that Ted and I are allowed to give to the participants.

Reader BJ has been extremely generous by helping keep the guys supplied with sweets (and very NICE sweets at that, from M&M/Mars). Look what she sent...

Yes, customized Dove chocolates. BJ is now my personal sweetie (you'll note I had to open one of the candies to realize what was inside...I HAD to make sure they hadn't gone bad in shipping...right?).

Current Knitting
I've made very little progress on the lace knitting. I've completed the second of two center squares and I'm just working on the extension of the square that makes the piece oblong.

Sorry for the bad pictures, I'll get a better one soon.

I've also had to work on putting together samples and exercise pieces for a workshop on turning heels on knitted socks.

This picture shows three disembodied heels, turned in three different ways that I'm using as examples for the workshop (Short-Row Heel, Andersson Heel and Dutch Heel).

Can't wait to see the other guys, and the projects they're working on.


Carol said...

Have a wonderful time, and give all my pals big hugs from me.

Geez, when I first looked at those pictures, I thought you had knit . . . SOAKERS!!

anne marie in philly said...

have a good trip!

and remember, inquiring minds wanna see pix and details/details/details.

esp. since I am a girl and am not allowed to attend...(sigh)

Anonymous said...

...and when I first looked at the picture, I thought the wrapper was a specially-market Men's Spring Knitting Retreat Condom. Which would have been sweet, in a different way.
Have fun, and if you're passing through Albany during the day and want to grab a cuppa, call me!

Selma said...

Shoot, I'm not anonymous. I'm Selma. And I'm an internet looooooser.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I thought they were soakers, too and I have to say I'm glad I was not the only one ;-)

Have a good time!

FiberQat said...

Have a great time! Don't sweat the tiny details. And give Mel an extra hug for his kitties.

JohnK said...

Have fun. the pics tricked me too.

Anonymous said...

Have a great time at the retreat and let's see lots of pictures :-)

=Tamar said...

The lace looks good even bunched up like that.

What's an Andersson heel?

Anonymous said...

have a great time on your retreat!
i just recently came back to reading your blog and was so amazed to see how beautifully you can knit lace--i was looking at your previous posts--i remember when you were first learning how--and now to be teaching others, that's big. I also liked the way you did the sock heel colors --it makes it so much easier to see your work. have a good time--

Kathy Merrick said...

So what's the guy equivalent of pajama party activities?
Who can drink the most fizz without belching?
Who has the most attractive feet?
Whose willie warmer used the most yarn?

Kerry said...

Have a great time, how I envy you guys. Big hugs to all from Sydney, Australia.