Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Grammar Police

Posting a blog entry or a comment leaves way too much to interpretation, so if I misinterpret, it is not intentional.

Just To Clarify
I honestly don't care about whether someone ends a sentence with a preposition. It was really my snarky way of showing how stupid all this back and forth bickering is between the two Democratic candidates.

When a candidate is finally chosen, I'm pretty certain most Democrats will pull together and elect ourselves a non-moron for a change.

And unlike most of the Obamautons, I can say positive things about my less-favored candidate. Although I would prefer to see Senator Clinton become President Clinton, I also think Senator Obama would make an excellent president.

Current Knitting
I have gone back and fixed my egregious mistake on my lace project. I should definitely not work on this project when I can't focus clearly.

That's a quarter on the left side of the picture. I am now up to round 118 with only 22 more rounds to go.

Readers' Comments/Questions
Got an e-mail from a friend of Gay Singer/Songwriter, K Anderson with a link to this music video. K Anderson knits in the video and I liked his voice, so I thought I'd embed it here.



Fredda said...


The lace is so very elegant. Yes--I have little needle envy.

Thanks for sharing the music video. I love him (music, lyrics and video) and have sent forwarded it to several other friends.

Andy's Crafts said...

I have to agree about the lace and the video as well. The candidates are just crazy h aren't they! lol!

Kathy said...

GREAT lace and a VERY provocative video/song...

Seanna Lea said...

Thank you for the quarter. It is hard to get a true sense of the scale without it.

While I am interested in politics and especially the Democratic nomination, I don't have anything particularly useful to say. I keep thinking of things, but it all comes out of my head as banal or not quite right. I enjoy reading your commentary, because it gives me another space to work through my thoughts.

Jane said...

Your lace looks amazing! You are doing a wonderful job on it. I can only knit lace when I am able to focus my attention on it as well.