Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Birth Month Celebration Almost Over

Often my birthday gets extended well beyond the actual anniversary of my birth.

Gifts From New Zealand
James of FibreAlive came through again with an incredibly nice set of thoughtful gifts.

In addition to a perfect birthday card, a duplicate copy of Selma (for friend Selma when I see her next) and a couple of small wrapped knit-related gifts (such as a cute magnetic puzzle of a sheep having a bad hair day), James also sent these AMAZING candies in the shape of morel mushrooms, call...of all things...Fairy Mushrooms.

Here's a closeup of what they look like.

Even Thaddeus, who isn't nearly as sugar-crazed as I am, loved these delightful candies.

How much more appropriate could a gift be? Candy...Mushroom...Fairy, seems like the perfect gift to me.

Thanks James!

Current Knitting
Before leaving for the week this past Monday morning, I picked up a cone of ultrafine bright pink yarn and a set of double pointed needles. I decided to just pick a new lace design from the Ichida book and start anew.

Unfortunately, the yarn is too fine for the needles I brought with me, so I'll have to wait till I get home on Thursday night to begin knitting again.

Which is fine, because I've had an awful cold this week and I've not had much time or energy to knit anyway.

As an update to the lost knitting, I was able to contact directly the person in charge of lost & found for United airlines. She was very nice and very helpful, and she assured me that they had received no knitting projects in their lost & found for the last week. I asked if I could come and look myself (thinking that they might not recognize such fine lace and circular needles as a valid knitting project). She said I was welcome to come in and look. I may do that on Thursday.

Current Spinning
I got a little more done on the Black Bunny Fiber lace-weight spinning that I've been working on.

I'd like to finish this relatively quickly, because I got my latest installment of the BBF Fiber Club roving last week as well.

This lovely roving is Wensleydale, hand-dyed with Cochineal to give this muted, but rich and soft color. I am more and more impressed with Carol's work every time I get something from her. Nico pushed his nose into it and investigated it thoroughly before being distracted by a bird at the birdfeeder outside the window.


neagley said...

I have sympathy for your lost lace project fiasco. My first lace project and my lace needles somehow were lost the weekend after I started it. I haven't done lace since :(


anne marie in philly said...

poor joe; still sending good karma your way regarding the lace project and your illness.

isn't james just the sweetest thing?

yea! for a nico pix!

Jennifer said...

James has that special knack for selecting the perfect gift. Hope you had a great birthday.

Jennifer said...

I do hope you find your project--how upsetting!