Monday, February 18, 2008

Did You Have A Nice Valentine's Day?

Thaddeus' Birthday
Many of you know that February 14th is Thaddeus' birthday, and despite some personal family issues, a stiff neck and a lace knitting deadline, we were able to enjoy a very nice birthday/Valentine's Day weekend.

I was lucky enough to come home on Thursday to this.

And this was (and I used "was" purposefully) what was inside.

Boy were these chocolates good, but I'll look like hell when I head to Cancun at the beginning of next month.

Current Knitting
There's good news, more good news and less good news.

Less good news: I still haven't quite finished the red lace tea cloth.

Good news: I have finished all 190 rounds (despite making a 250 stitch mistake that I had to unknit).

More good news: I have enough of the red cotton yarn to finish the tea cloth.

It still looks rather rag-like while I finish up the crochet edging, but soon it will be blocked and beautiful.

Thaddeus' Movie Pick
With the Tuesday releases about to be available, Thaddeus highly recommends Lust Caution.

We got to see it this weekend, and enjoyed it much more than Michael Clayton.


anne marie in philly said...

happy beleated birthday, thaddeus (you handsome devil you)!

joe, you WON'T look like hell (do you ever? I think not!); those chocolates made me wanna lick the screen. interesting presentation - much more original than a red box.

have a good week!

Franklin said...

Aw, a very happy birthday (a bit late) to the handsome Thaddeus - and kudos to the two of your for being good to each other on Valentine's Day.

Mel said...

Right, that now makes four gay men I know who were born on VD. Apparently Valentine's Day makes you gay. Who knew?

And a happy belated to Thaddeus. :-)

no-blog-rachel said...

Happy Birthday (belated), Thaddeus! I'd have said so yesterday but Google wouldn't let me in to comment.

You've got one handsome dude there - but then again, so does he. How do you deal with a house so full of handsome? :)

FiberQat said...

If being born on VD makes you gay, then count in Oregon. Just don't tell the fellas in Pendleton.

Happy Birthday, Thaddeus! You're a sweet pea for treating Joe, who will not look like hell in Cancun.

Kerry said...

What a handsome man that Thaddeus is, wish him a belated happy birthday from me.
I must endorse his choice of Lust,Caution. What a great film, Ang Lee has done it again.

Seanna Lea said...

The movie looks pretty interesting. I haven't seen anything new in what feels like forever!

My VD was spent working in a chocolate shop. Why do people wait until the last moment to think of these things? It's not like the date changes each year!

Axia said...

I totally recommend Lust Caution. Beautiful movie, with some scenes that can make a sailor blush but still tastefully done and full of emotion.

Jane said...

Happy Belated Birthday Thaddeus! Can you gain weight just looking at a box of chocolates? I guess not because now they are just a pleasant memory for you Joe :-) Your shawl is looking great and is such an appropriate color on Valentines Day!