Friday, November 09, 2007

Resetting, Reconfiguring, Rebuilding

Hi Folks!! Sorry for the lack of posts this week, but I was doing some short flight traveling and I also got my new computer in the middle of the week.

Missing Brain Parts
My companies tech support is usually quite good. Even when I break my laptop, they are able to rebuild my new one with all my files on it.

The thing they don't do, is reload all my settings, and personal softwares.

So, every time I get a new laptop, I have to reload my digital camera driver, my graphics editing software, my PDF creator software and my graph paper software, etc., etc.

It makes it very difficult to do anything until my computer is back in the same condition as when I broke it. Until it is, I feel like I'm walking on crutches.

Fortunately, it's almost there now, so regular blogging will continue next week.

Current Knitting/Crocheting
I did virtually no knitting or crocheting on current projects at all this week.

Well, I did do one star on the tablecloth, but that's it.

Current Spinning
I ended up re-washing some of the Cormo fleece, and it came out much better this time, but boy is Linda right when she says, "Once you DO manage to have it clean, it is a nightmare to put through a drum carder, neps galore."

I put a very small amount through the new drum carder VEEERRRRRYYYYY slowly and it came out in a perfectly acceptable and spinnable roving, but there were a few neps even thought I took great care to avoid them.

I then decided to do my "rapid spinning" technique, and spun up the one batt of roving into singles, and then double-plied it to make this.

Finally, I swatched and iron-steam blocked a small knitted sample.

Suffice it to say, I will have a boatload of very nice Cormo yarn to kit with if I persist with this fleece folly.


Kyle Kunnecke said...

I love the look of that knitted swatch... it must be satisfying to be able to resolve your issues with that fleece, card, spin and knit it up - conquering it! :)

SaraSkates said...

Cormo is a total bear to process - I gave up and sent it off to Wooly Knob for processing, and had them blend it with 1/3 of camel down. It's back and waiting to be spun - I *adore* the samples I've done so far though. Very squooshy yarn.

nice stuff!

ted said...

Which software do you use for distilling PDFs, and for editing images?

You could always comb the cormo.

Elizabeth said...

Moving into a new computer is kind of like moving one's household. It takes a while to get resettled, to find everything, discard what you no longer need, and so on.

Love Cormo.

Elizabeth said...

Love THE Cormo. D'oh.

Fredda said...

I love the look of the spun yarn. Stst doesn't do it justice; what are you thinking about?

Evelyn said...

What's a nep?

Andy's Crafts said...

Looks fantastic, what kind is cormo yarn? I have no idea!