Monday, July 30, 2007

Vacation Time

Next week, Thaddeus and I will be vacationing with his family in Martha's Vineyard.

Blogging and Knitting
Typically, I do no blogging while away, and just about as much knitting.

I will usually bring along some knitting project with me, and my camera, and I sometimes post pictures of vacation when I get back...but don't expect much, if anything to be posted next week.

I will be publishing for the remainder of this week.

Current Knitting
I've done a bit more on the front of the Aran pullover.

One of the smartest things I did on this design, was completely unintentional. All of the pattern stitches are worked in multiple of 8 row stitch patterns. As a result, it's very easy to keep track of where I am on any one row.

I would highly recommend this if you decide to design an Aran from scratch.

I also got somewhat distracted from Aran knitting with an hour's worth of novelty scarf knitting.

I'm getting to the bottom of my novelty yarns, so I probably only have about 12 more scarves worth of yarn to work with...currently.

Readers' Comments/Questions
Alice writes, "Wow, if you call Arlen Spector a lapdog, I really want to hear your
name for our ex-senator, Rick Santorum. (and I am proud to say I did my part to boot his ass out of office!!)

Actually, I don't consider him a lap-dog at all, especially compared to Santorum. I was just completely annoyed to hear him say he supported the president's right to executive privelege in not letting his folks testify before congress.

Meribeth asks, "I do have a question about your sweater. What method are you going to use to seam it? I ask, because I did something similar but the underarm was too bulky."

I'm not sure yet, I was planning on using my standard method for attaching the sleeve. I liked what a prior reader wrote about using a simple stitch for the side panels, to make the underarm less bulky. I will probably take both your comments as a warning to make the arm-hole a little bigger than I might for a plain stockinette stitch sweater as well.


Franklin said...

I seem to recall a previous vacation to the Vineyard when you didn't bring yarn stuff with you, but wound up improvising a spindle to spin dog hair.

Amazing evidence of the Primal Urge to Work with Fiber that lies within you and, perhaps, within all of us.

The Aran is looking awesome.