Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Reader Survey

I've been spending a lot of time at home lately, and making my share of esspresso drinks. I'd like to know what readers think is the best brand of esspresso beans.

My Current Brand
Currently, I use Illy brand Dark Roast. A number of folks in Italy used this brand when we were there, and we like it very much.

Recently, while in Zurich, I had a lot of Swiss "coffee," which is just another name for esspresso, and I liked it as well or better, but I don't know any of the brand names.

Please leave a note in comments as to what you think is the best brand, and I'll do my own taste test.

Current Knitting
With a newfound stitch pattern that works well with novelty yarns, I've decided to make a few novelty yarn scarves, in case I'm asked by my friend to be in another craft show.

These two scarfs are made with Dune by Trendsetter. The thing I like about this stitch pattern is that it lays flat, and is the same on both sides. In addition, it knits up quickly and there are only three rows in the pattern.

I also forgot to mention that when I felted the purse to put in the Artmobile, I also felted a couple other things.

These are Thaddeus' felted clog slippers that were finished a while ago, but never felted. I also experimented with making a couple of felted bowls using leftover scraps of yarn.

Readers' Comments/Questions
Ria notes, "You must live near the best flea market in the world."

The flea market is in Lambertville, NJ, and it is a pretty decent flea market. I was just there again today, and got some other old needlework magazines for a whopping $3.

Thanks for the suggestions on how to sell off a dead knitter's stash. I like both of Marilyn's suggestions about (if it ever comes back on-line) and also inventorying my stash in Access. I also quite like Karen's idea of using as a clearinghouse for dead-knitter stash. I got a lovely e-mail from one of the gals that does this, and she was very respectful not to mention herself in comments, so as not to appear as advertising. I always appreciate that.


anne marie in philly said...

in looking at your picture of the felted bowls, I noticed the mosaic pieces behind them.

lovely; are they vases or candle holders?

did you make them?

Marilyn said...

The one thing about Dune is that it makes great junky scarves. I have 3 balls in the stash somewhere.

Thaddeus makes the best espresso I've ever had. So whatever he uses, if it ain't broke, don't fix it.

Re: the mosaic thingies--at 12, my mother insisted that I mosaic a piece of plywood that was to be used as a coffeetable in my bedroom-cum-apartment. I had a pullout couch. She was a very trendy mother, for those days. The mosaic thingies remind me of that coffeetable.

Fredda said...

I love Illy, but hate the decaf version! Starbucks (no comments, please) is pretty good, but the best I've had was a special blend by an old boyfriend...

Thaddeus' clogs look great. Did you use anything on the soles to prevent slipping?

Anonymous said...

it's spelled espresso.

Zardra said...

I'm fond of Illy's medium roast espresso.

Some of my favorite coffee comes from a local roaster ( that's big on Fair Trade and getting their beans just right. They date every bag of coffee so you know when it was roasted and how fresh it is.

Glen said...

I'm a fan of Illy myself- it's what we use in the restaurant for not only the espresso (we just have reg and decaf) but also for the coffee, and we constantly get compliments on how great the coffee is. It's an Italian restaurant so go figure that we'd have Italian espresso. There's a lot of different info out there, but ultimately it comes down to your preference. Love the blog, love the knitting, love the commentary... :D

Leslie said...

We're fans of Dean's Beans Coffee -organic, fair trade and local to us as well as on-line to the rest of the world. I encourage you to "throw an eye."

I love the fact you did Thaddeus' slippers in dark over light - interesting idea. I guess I'm too practical in putting the light over the dark when I make these.

Kyle Kunnecke said...

while I'm not a coffee drinker, my friends all swear by petes coffee -- I have another major coffee fiend friend who loves the Nespresso "pods" and uses those religously :)

Connie said...

My husband is Italian and his family swears by Illy. We sometimes get Starbucks brand when the supermarket runs out of Illy, but Illy is what we prefer.

Amy Jo said...

My favorite espresso and coffee beans is Allegro, from Whole Foods. I've been drinking it since way back when they were independent and the quality is still excellent. Espresso Allegro (rich) or Organic Espresso Bel Canto (bright).

Anonymous said...

Favorite coffee is Martha's Blend from in San Francisco.
Second favorite is Starbucks Sumatra.

Only decaf I like a lot is Starbucks Komodo Dragon

Liza the caffeinated

FiberQat said...

Stick with the Illy until you can get the espresso from the Swiss. I personally use Stumptown Coffee because it's local but I've had Illy and it's quite tasty.

Tallguy said...

What is that pattern you used for those scarves? Somehow you just skipped right over that part -- hehe.

Janey said...

My thought exactly tallguy - how far down do I have to scroll to get to the pattetrn?


Helen said...

Gevalia. It's Swedish. They have a web site and various deals.

Katy said...

Delurking to say hi. Love the scarves! A friend made me a scarf with Dune and I love mine. Is it possible to share the pattern?

I've made a few felted bowls as well. They're fun and IMO, addicting to make!


Andy's Crafts said...

I finally found your blog once more lol! Love the slippers!

Highland Hollow Emporium said...

I think John roasts the best espresso. He uses an organic bean from Peru. Everyone in the shop loves it. He ships all over and only charges $8.50 a lb.