Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Extended Birthday

One of the benefits of being away on your birthday is that the day gets extended for weeks sometimes.

Birthmonth Celebrations
Thaddeus and I got to have a great dinner at a local restaurant and I got an excellent shirt. Thaddeus has excellent taste, and I love the shirt. It's short-sleeved, so when it gets warmer, I'll model for blog readers.

I also arrived home late Friday to this package in the mail.

God, it's nice to have blog friends that are as talented and creative as Carol S. The yarn is a spectacular combination of golds and yellows. I can't wait to knit something up using it. I'm not quite sure yet what garment merits QueerJoe Gold.

Current Knitting
I did get a LITTLE more done on the Bird's Eye Lace shawl.

With my current work week, I don't expect to get a lot of knitting done this week. Nor blogging. But I'll try to fit in a few quickies.

Readers' Comments/Questions
Hannah asks, "I got your blog address from someone on Knitters Review Forums. He/She said you knew of a place to publish patterns (individually)?? I just finished (almost) my 2nd pattern and would love to make a little money by selling it (it's super cute, I promise!)."

As most of the readers here already know, I publish my patterns on The Knitting Vault. Setting myself up as a designer and uploading my pattern designs was easy, and I get constant sales of my patterns without any further work. I can't imagine why everyone isn't publishing there.


sean808080 said...

hey QJ!
happy belated birthday! that yarn is gorgous.....people sure love you!!