Monday, May 23, 2005

Over Half a Million Served
For those of you who watch site counters, you'll note I just surpassed the 500,000 mark.

I know that's nothing like the purported millions of hits that Wendy gets, or the realistically high number of hits that Stephanie gets, but I wouldn't trade my regular readers for a more popular blog any day.

I wonder how long it will take to make it to my first million hits.

Knitters Spring/Summer 2005 - Review

Thanks for those that let me know this is the SPRING issue...not the Summer issue, which is also out. Great!, one more piece of shit I have to review.

Overall, there are 23 designs in this issue and mostly the same uninteresting articles for US$5.95. The designs are getting away from the novelty yarns, but the designs haven't gotten much better. However, despite the mostly bad designs, I would have shelled out $5.95 for the Lavold design alone.

Trapeze Tanks - Unattributed - Boring, unflattering shape
Golden Halter - Knitters Design Team - I actually liked the front of the garment
Cord It - Therese Chynoweth - I swear I see this sweater every time I go to the second hand store
Weave It - Natalie Wilson - Simple design, excellent use of color
Snap It - Kathy Perry - One of the most boring sweaters I've ever forgotten
Scoop It - Robin Melanson - Simple and classic...I like this
Change It - Dana Hurt - Ridiculous design
Prickly Pear - Kathy Zimmerman - Not her best effort
Chipotle Waves - Jean Frost - Bad use of color and design
Serape Sunset - Dana Hurt - Worst design in the magazine (what a waste of Rowan Yarn)
Saguaro - Kennita Tully - T-Shirt design is nice, good colors
Mesa Spring - Angela Juergens - Interesting colors and design, but just doesn't work
Retro Brights - Uschi Nolte - Quite bad
Hjalte - Elsebeth Lavold - Excellent men's sweater
Coconut Grove - Kathy Zimmerman - Good use of yarn, boring design
Off The Grid - Kennita Tully - Looks like bad crochet...just bad
Sea Breeze - Kathy Cheifetz - I hope Knitters didn't pay her for this design
Blue Ridge Jacket - Susan Mills - Nice color and simple, nice design
Green Tea Jacket - Natalie Wilson - Selma and I both liked this cotton tape design
Coral Ripples - Kathy Zimmerman - Another boring poncho
Cracked Ice (cover) - Angela Juergens - Best cover design I've seen on Knitters in a while
Another Turn - Knitter's Design Team - Boring waste of time and yarn
Kids On Safari - Elizabeth Fallone - Bad color choice, bad design choice

Readers' Comments/Questions
Marilyn rightly notes that she did not fry my hard drive. It was just my bad writing that made it sound that way. She also asks, "If you need a laptop for work, won't they send you a loaner?"

Fortunately, I should have it back before a loaner is necessary (hopefully sometime this week). But it will be sent to my home, and won't do me much good there.