Monday, March 21, 2005

Weekend Off

This was a working weekend (I had to work both Friday and Saturday), so it was a blog holiday.

Back On Track
Talk about "Do Nothing" Congresses.

Does this freakin' Congress have nothing better to look at than steroids in baseball and saving the life of one "permanantly vegetative state" woman?

How about pushing for an exit strategy that will save the lives of hundreds of our youth instead of the Florida State Vegetable?

You know it's bad when I'm actually praying that Democrats take over at least on branch of this soon-to-be-fascist government.

I'm publishing the picture, even though it looks suspiciously similar to the last picture of the shawl.

If you count the number of pattern repeats in each picture, you'll see that I did make some progress.

New Project
I told you I started a new sweater with my Jacob Select handspun. Well, I focused a little effort on that project this past weekend as well.

This is by far the nicest yarn I have ever spun. It's soft, and has a luster and silkiness that makes knitting this simple stockinette garment an absolute joy.

If they sold this yarn, I would definitely buy more of it. I may just have to buy more of this fiber to spin.

Readers Comments/Questions
Michelene asks if we've ever made it to Chichen Itza.

No, and if we continue going there for another 50 years, we probably still won't get there. When we're on vacation, if an activity is outside, sleeping, eating and lying on the beach, we're not interested.