Saturday, March 12, 2005

I Don't Know

For some folks, these three words seem to be the hardest to say.

I've only met two folks in my life who rarely had to say "I don't know" and could back it up with actual knowledge.

Most of the others were just big blowhards who couldn't stand the thought of people thinking they didn't know something.

I must admit, I never understood that mentality. I love knowing things and sharing that knowledge when I can, but if I don't know the answer to something, I'm all too willing to admit say so, and if my interest is piqued enough, to go out and find out the answer.

I also don't have a problem admitting when I'm wrong. Thanks to Stephanie for pointing out that the Bear Claw Blanket in the latest issue of IK is not sewn up in pieces, it's picked up in modular knitting fashion. I like it better, but it still seems to much work for the result.

Another new reader, Brian of writes:

"QueerJoe, the first sentence of your entry of Wednesday,
March 9, 2005 reads as follows: "It seems the people most adversely affected by
the Rebumblican administration are the folks most hurt by their policies."

This is a little like saying "It seems Southerners live in the South" or "It
seems that stones are rocks." Both true statements, but a little redundant.
QueerJoe I think you meant to say something more like this: "It seems the
people most adversely affected by the policies of the Rebumblican administration
are the same folks most responsible for returning the Bushies to office."

He is exactly right, and I look to see good things on his blog.

Now I just have to work on asking for directions when I'm lost.

Good News
Speaking of Stephanie, thanks to all who went to her site and made contributions to MSF. She's done a tremendous job of fundraising for that organization.

Knitting Update
Moving right along on the Communion Shawl.

I'm still not halfway done with it, but it moves along quickly. I'll definitely have no problem completing it in time for the May 20th communion ceremony.

I just hope it looks nice with the dress my sister is making for her.

Readers' Comments/Questions
Susan Maurer asks where she can get a pattern for scarf I knit for wendy back in the beginning of 2003 (I know she already found her answer, but I thought I'd give a little bit more thorough answer since I get at least one e-mail a week about the Cross Stitch Scarf).

I have designed two scarf patterns using Koigu. One is a pretty simple Feather and Fan scarf using two colorways of Koigu and the other is the Cross Stitch Scarf I made for Wendy.

Both patterns are currently available as kits (where you get the pattern for free if you buy the Koigu) from Threadbear Fiber Arts.

Recently, however, an Albany Knitting pal has come up with a great idea to allow designers to self publish knitting patterns, and sell them on her site. I may decide to market my scarf pattern there when it opens in the next few weeks.

More to be revealed.