Monday, March 07, 2005


There seems to be no lie so great, that our Whitehouse can't overcome it with a hefty portion of propaganda.

Social Security and Foreign Policy
It is very clear that the right-wingnuts want nothing more than to eliminate Social Security.

How could you "shore up" a program by diverting funds to "personal accounts"?

Are folks so stupid, they're willing to believe this?

How about growing the fucking economy so the Social Security fund grows too? How about keeping promises to our elderly?

Next thing you know, China will be added to the "Axis of Evil" and the following picture will be distributed widely.

Knitting Update
I got some work done on the Communion Shawl. I'm hopeful that I can block this out to make it a little more lacey, but even as is, I like it.

Yes, I had to get back to my spinning wheel. I had been missing it.

I got a bunch done on the Plum colored merino, but I still have a lot to go.

Plus I have another weekend workshop with the spinning Goddess, Nelda Davis. This weekend will be in Valley Forge and she'll be going over raw fiber preparation. It should be fun.