Monday, March 28, 2005

Body Decay

Who'd have believed it would happen to me?

Being Sick Sucks
My knitting and my blogging have both suffered due to a couple of recent health "events".

The first was just a bad cold or perhaps the flu. Nothing that would normally stop me, although the extra sleep that was necessary slowed down my knitting.

But then I started growing something at the base of my skull that turned into a mini-nightmare. I won't go into it detail, as it's disgusting and awful, but I will say that this "cyst" was already incredibly painful by the time I went to the doctor on Friday. I wish his care had remained at the level of prescribing an antibiotic. Unfortunately, he insisted on trying to lance this sucker. The pain was more than traumatic. Ask Thaddeus...he had to deal with the quivering mess that I was after the evil doctor was unsuccessful in his efforts at making it feel "much better".

I'm still recovering.

The cyst gave me such a sore neck (even before the doctor visit), that looking down at knitting in my lap was not very pleasant.

However, I have still been able to work on my two primary projects.

I'm up to 27 inches (with 21 more to go). Believe it or not, this project goes pretty quickly. I'm hoping to get it done relatively soon.

And then I also worked on this.

This sweater takes an awful picture. I either take it with a flash and get no detail in the sweater at all, or I take it without the flash, and the color is completely off.

You can see I've finished the bottom of the sweater up to the sleeves, and I'm almost done on the back of the sweater.

Other Blogs
As much as my friends and I rag on other knitting blogs, there are some new ones that are worth checking out as well.

For those of you who are observant, you'll notice that I added two new links in my blog link section. Check them out and let them know what you think.

Readers' Comments/Questions
Barb B. asks what to do with that hard section at the bottom of the zipper when sewing in by hand.

I actually had to use a stiffer pin (similar to Marcia's solution) to put a few holes in that section of the zipper so I could use those "pre-drilled" holes to sew into when I got to that section.

On the same topic, I was very happy to read Franklin's grandmother thought I did some fine "finger sewing". You know when someone like that says it's good, it's either incredibly good, or she's senile. Either way I was more than happy to read Franklin's comments.

Also on the same topic, I loved Donna's tip on adding in a zipper. It sounds like it would work very well.