Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Blog Notoriety

Knitting fame should be an oxymoron. Despite the myopic view of folks absorbed in lists like the KnitList, it is impossible to claim fame based on knitting achievements. Knitting just isn't that important to the world.

Article Quotes
That being said, recently I was contacted by two folks requesting interviews.

The first one pissed me off. She asked if she could contact me for information on a thesis she was writing. When I said I'd be glad to, she wrote back saying "nevermind, I've already got enough sources, and I was specifically looking for folks in the "church of craft" or some such bullshit.

The second one, I was very pleased with, which resulted in a number of quotes from me in an article in The Northwest Pacific Inlander magazine.

Check out the article here to read it online.

Disgusting Hotel Sheet Story
When I tell this story, folks typically laugh, but I'm doubtful it will translate very well to the written word...let's see.

As part of my work, I usually travel and stay with a project team of coworkers in the same hotel.

One project had about 25 of us staying in a hotel in Northeast New Jersey. One of the guys on the team was a particularly disgusting guy (picture a middle-age, out-of-shape guy with bad skin who never washed his hair)...we'll call him Don Banconi.

A number of months after the project was over, I had to go back to that client for a brief period, and I overlapped stays with two of my favorite project team members (we'll call them Diane and Mary Lynn), so we decided to get together for dinner.

We were talking over all the good times, when Mary Lynn started talking about the time where Don decided he wanted to know how often the hotel changed the sheets on his bed, so he put a black magic marker dot on one of them.

Diane started groaning with disgust, so Mary Lynn responded that she had never heard what the result was, so she didn't know how frequent the sheet changes were, at which point Diane told us that she had noticed when she checked in to the hotel, that one of her sheets on this hotel stay had a black magic marker dot on it.

Knowing that her sheets had touched Don Banconi toes, she was forced to request a different room.

I guess the truly disgusting part of all my hotel stays, which I try to specifically avoid thinking about, is the much more disgusting things that could be in my hotel room at this very moment.

Knitting Update
I've made some progress on the communion shawl and I'm bringing the cabled cardigan to the tailor today.

Pictures to come.

Readers' Comments Questions
Kathy mentions that she's glad the communion shawl isn't to bridal.

I can't agree more. I think the naturalness of children is their one redeeming quality. Trying to make them look like adults is one of my biggest pet peeves.