Sunday, February 06, 2005

Superbowl Sunday

It would be a good day to go see a movie...if there was anything interesting at all to see.

Costume Malfunction
I can only hope that Sir Paul McCartney doesn't have a "wardrobe malfunction" at halftime which exposes his left ball to the audience. Without the kind of surgeries that Janet Jackson had to her breasts, his ball will be hanging down to his mid-thigh.

It can probably be safely said that I'm not a football fan. Despite living near Philadelphia, it would be hard to imagine how I could care any less who wins today's game.

I wonder if Thaddeus knows whether this annual U.S. holiday causes brisk business at the video rental store he works?

I'm progressing at a much more satisfactory pace with my current project.

You'll see that I've finished the back and front, and I've made substantial progress on the first sleeve.

In comments when I first started this sweater, someone asked how I would be handling pattern repeats as I increased and decreased at various sections of the sweater.

My general rule is that the first two stitches and the last two stitches on every row will always be stockinette. If there are enough stitches in next section to do a cable cross-over, I will do it, otherwise, it's stays stockinette.

The only exception I made to this rule was toward the top of the two front sections. I had 5 stitches remaining when I got to a 3x3 cable cross-over, so I just did a 2x3 instead, so I didn't get an elongated stretch of stockinette.

New Project
My youngest niece is having her first communion in May, and my sister asked my other sister to make her communion dress (she's very talented with sewing). Here is the dress my sister will be making:

She asked me if I could make her a shawl to go with it.

I wanted to get yarn that was silky and nice looking and would have a good drape with a lacey kind of pattern stitch. I also wanted it to be able to have fringe that wouldn't fray.

After searching the web for a while, I realized I would need to actually see and touch the yarn I wanted.

I ended up going to the yarn store in Schenectady (Ye Old Yarn Shop) and finding a Sirdar yarn called "Silky Look".

It's not an inexpensive synthetic yarn, so I'm hoping it will look great. I liked the feel of it, so I think it will be a perfect yarn for my niece's special day.

I'm expecting to start the shawl directly on the heels of the cardigan, and will probably take it with me to Cancun to work on there.

Readers' Comments/Questions
Nancy mentioned that as a reason for my spike in hits, was because I mentioned Marilyn's site and the clickers didn't find what they expected. Marilyn went on to discuss readers' expectations on her blog.

I think what Nancy meant was that I said Marilyn was going to post Lisa's KnitList questionnaire responses on her site, but Marilyn hadn't gotten to it by the time I published my link. I don't think she meant folks had unmet expectations of Marilyn's site. How could they since Marilyn is practically perfect in every way.

I loved MarQ's comment about the Jude Law sweater picture..."what sweater"?

I'm assuming it wasn't a web malfunction, and it was just a funny comment that when Jude Law was in the picture, you didn't notice clothing.