Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Midweek Blues

A nice warm comforter on a soft, yet firm bed and my knitting would be the perfect cure for my blues today.

Bio Rhythm Lows
If anyone has been tracking my bio rhythms based on my blog mood, you can put me low on the emotional scale today.

I actually snapped at two client project staff yesterday, which is completely unlike me.

Ahhh...back to that warm bed with knitting again...even the thoughts of it raise my spirits.

I was hoping to tell you that I had completed the first sleeve by now, but I still have some more work to do on it.

A rescheduled "surprise" party for knit/blog friend Kathy is slated for this Sunday (the original date was a surprise...the snow date, no surprise at all). I was hoping that Thaddeus would have been able to wear the completed cardigan when I got to see my knitting pals, but it doesn't seem likely.

Even if I've finished all the knitting by then, I won't have been able to install the zipper and sew up the rest of the seams.

Other Knit Meet-up
I get to meet up with Selma (the inappropriately nicknamed, "axe murderess") this evening at the local Starbucks. For those of you that don't know, Selma is a radio show host on the local NPR station, and the last time we were together (buying yarn), one of the yarn store workers actually recognized her voice. I felt honored to be with someone so famous.

During that yarn buying spree, Selma had bought some lovely variegated Morehouse Merino as part of a scarf kit. She ended up making this beautiful scarf using their pattern.

Both Selma and I liked how this pattern stitch looked a lot like stockinette, yet didn't roll and broke up the colors of the variegation.

For anyone interested, the scarf kit is from Sheep's Clothing (the Morehouse retail store) and the design is called Baudelaire (although I couldn't find it on their site). The hat in the picture is "Headgear I" by Catherine Lowe, aka the Couture Knitting Workshop.