Sunday, February 13, 2005

Knitting Birthday Party

Friend, Kathy had her birthday a couple of weeks ago, and friend, Liza pulled together a wonderful knit/birthday party for her.

Pictureless Party
You and I will have to rely on Marilyn to post pictures of the shindig, since this idiot forgot to bring his camera.

Suffice it to say, with snarky guests like Kathy, Carol S., Marilyn, Liza and a friend of Liza's that fit in perfectly (Meg), we had some very fun times.

Two quote-worthy events were when Carol S. called me a "big throbbing peony" and the other was when we all questioned a recent post of Wendy's where she names her i-pod Irving.

We all decided to name our colostomy bags Carter and knit cozies for them.

I do have a picture of progress on my latest project.

Just a little more work on the last sleeve, and then I can sew this sweater up and get to work on my niece's first communion wrap..

Kitty Porn
Since today's entry is so brief, I felt it required a little Gage to lighten it up.

When blog material is scarce, a cat picture will always make up for it.