Sunday, February 27, 2005

Back From Vacation

Sleeping and eating and sandy warm beachings, these are a few of my favorite things.

Vacation Update
Overall, it was a wonderful vacation. The hotel went out of their way to make life luxurious. With a couple of exceptions, food was extraordinary (and plentiful) and the weather was nothing short of perfect (for you old GMA/KnitList fans).

Travel down to Mexico was painless. Travel back was a bit more stressful.

When we got to Cancun, we made it painlessly through immigration, baggage claims and customs. Travel to the hotel is always a pain, but next year we'll know how to do it better (you'd think after 6 years of travelling to the same hotel in Cancun, we'd have gotten it right by now...but they keep changing the rules!).

When we got to the hotel, the staff scurried us up to the concierge level for check-in and orientation. This is the first year they've had a concierge level with lounge and it is SPECTACULAR. Then they brought us to our "suite".

I could have lived there for the rest of my life and been completely happy. These pictures show our living room with balcony, our bedroom with balcony and our master bathroom. There was also a powder room off the foyer and a full wet bar.

We ate at all our favorite restaurants in Cancun. We were convinced by a cab driver on one of our first days there to not go downtown because of an impending Carnival/parade and to go to a more local restaurant. When we got there, we realized it was a restaurant we had been to before, and didn't particularly like. We decided to just eat there anyway, and it was no better than we fact perhaps worse. We had one other disappointing restaurant experience down there, but other than that, all VERY positive.

Vacation Knitting
I did end up taking a sock on vacation with me.

You can see I didn't do a whole lot of knitting while away.

Readers' Comments Questions
I was quite glad to see my friends made funny, snarky comments while I was away...thank you for entertaining readers while I was gone.

Perhaps next vacation, I'll ask one of them to do a "Guest Blogginng" appearance if they'd enjoy doing it for a brief period.

I'll be back to regular knitting updates on the zipper cardigan when I get back to Albany this coming week.