Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Remember What I Wrote About Perseverance...


I still agree with most of my comments, but I just couldn't stick with the crochet jacket as my only project. With the pull of the new yarn from WEBS and the boring crochet jacket, I just had to slip.

You knew it was inevitable.

Don't get me wrong...I struggled all weekend with the crochet jacket and did end up almost finishing the left-front section.

And I will continue to work on this project. But with just a little bit less compulsive focus.

New Project
While I continued to work diligently on the crochet jacket, I dreamt of the deep olive cone yarn from WEBS.

I dreamt about what I could use it to make, and swatching it and seeing it with cables and texture and zippers and...well, you get the idea. Add to that, the fact that Thaddeus kept mentioning that he thought it would make a lovely cardigan, and I was hooked.

I opted to make something relatively simple from one of the Jamieson Shetland books.

Obviously, this isn't a cardigan, so I will be modifying the pattern to make it a zippered cardigan. With all my vast experience in buying zippers, now I realize I will have to buy a separating zipper.

Here's what I've done so far on the back (yes, I'm knitting it flat).

Hard to see, but it's a simple 3X3 cable and a simple knit/purl panel in between each cable.

The pattern will definitely show off the yarn well.