Monday, December 20, 2004

Free Movies

I'm not sure if readers know this, but my partner Thaddeus works at a video rental place. So we get to see all the new releases early and free.

Movie Review
We also see a number of movies in the theater. Here's my list of excellent movies:

Recent Viewings

Finding Neverland - Wonderful movie that won't offend anyone.
Napolean Dynamite - Saw it in the theaters and just re-viewed it on DVD. Still love it
Shawn of the Dead - Very funny and entertaining, but I wouldn't watch it twice.
De-Lovely - Amusing if you like his music...not a big Kevin Kline fan.
Anacondas - If you didn't like Anaconda, this is surprise there.
King Arthur - Boring and awful

All Time Favorite Movies

House of Yes - Dark, incredibly funny comedy that even makes an actress out of Tori Spelling.
Happiness - Great twisted famiy story.
American Beauty - My favorite general-release movie ever.
The Winslow Boy - Magnificent cinematography and acting...not sure if it translates to small screen.

I finished knitting and felting the clog slippers from FiberTrends in a little over two days.

These babies knit up very quickly, which I like. But I have to admit, I had forgotten how hard the pattern is on my hands. There's a lot of picking up stitches and working around curves on circular needles. Not to mention using double strands of yarn on US13's.

But, they always come out looking of the best patterns I've ever seen from the folks at FiberTrends.

Knext Knitting
I did some additional work on the crochet jacket, but seemed to go nowhere. There's no way this will be a Christmas gift, but I'm going to continue on it till I finish or get bored again.

I finally finished the first color of singles for the sock yarn I plan on making.

I've also made a small start on the next color.

I keep forgetting that spun yarn is darker than the roving or the top it gets made from. I'm overall glad that it's darker, because I think the striped socks will look better on a guy if the colors are darker.

Readers' Comments/Questions
Carol S. asks why it would be surprising that Kathy would have an interesting party, with interesting people and interesting children.

The only surprise was the children part, and the surprise was not that she would have them, but that I would find them interesting. I'm usually not a big fan of children...even semi-adult ones.

Kathy asks me to be kind with pictures.

I'll leave it up to the's Kathy surrounded by a crowd of reveling partiers. The party was a lot of and folks were perfect.